Need to Re-Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

Stressed Out Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!


Life can be very busy – in this day & age it seems like we are all running around all the time. But, in order to stay balanced, you have to make relaxation & taking care of yourself a priority.

I try my hardest to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so stress is something that I try to eliminate from my life. My job right now as a Beachbody Coach is luckily extremely flexible, but I stay busy constantly between traveling, spending time with family & friends, & mentoring my clients & team. I also had a job at a university that was extremely busy & fast paced. I was doing this job (40+ hours a week), coaching, volunteering at church, & trying to have a life as well. So I know just how busy looks!

Stress was something that impacted my life when I first started working at the university right out of college myself. I have learned over the past few years how to manage my stress levels so that the other areas of my life are not impacted. I have to ensure that I continue to take the steps towards being less stressed. I have so much going on, so it is super important for me to treat my body like a temple so that I can be the best for God’s kingdom.

Here are my tips with how to deal with stress:

1. Prioritize. It is critical to do this because there are so many hours in a day to get your job done. You can’t do everything you want do in one day unfortunately. Unless you’re Superman  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life! Make a list of what you need to do that day, that week, next week, that month, & so on & so forth. Then prioritize what’s most important. This will help take of some of the pressure you’re feeling when you realize not everything has to be completed in one day.

2. Just breathe. Take it one minute, hour, day at a time. Don’t think about everything else that must be done – deal with what is in the moment. When you prioritize, you will know what needs to be done & when.

3. Be happy. Take a moment each day to laugh, talk to a coworker or friend, or read something that makes you happy. You have to break up your day a little bit so that you don’t lose your sanity. I have a close working relationship with my clients & team. I always laugh & have a good time – happiness is contagious, too  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

4. Find balance. You must have a balance between your professional & personal life. Don’t take your work home unless it is an absolute must. Don’t stress or think about work while you’re not there unless something urgent comes up.

5. Be healthy. Make sure you get enough sleep first & foremost! This will help you stay focused each day. Exercise & a healthy diet will also help you feel energized & motivated each day.

6. Have a purpose. We all have a purpose here in life – know what yours is & make sure you’re striving towards it each day. I feel that my purpose is helping others. I absolutely love my job & wake up & jump out of bed each day because my purpose is to change my clients’  & coaches’ lives.

And of course I always incorporate God in everything that I do! If I’m feeling extremely stressed & unbalanced I go to God’s word. This Bible verse gives me peace -

Stress Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

So overall, be happy, healthy, & live out your purpose! Stress is not something fun to deal with & now you don’t have to!  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life! Don’t wait to change your life today – you only get once chance at it!

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