Freedom Through Christ: How I Depend on God

Freedom Through Christ Freedom Through Christ: How I Depend on God

Do you feel a sense of freedom through Christ Jesus? I do! I depend on God for everything in my life. I have no doubt that everything I’ve achieved in my life is because of Him. Because of that I truly felt the need to share with you how I celebrate my Father giving me freedom & how I depend on Him.

I have freedom through Christ after a life of feeling like I was seriously a prisoner. I celebrate God giving freedom because I fell in love with Jesus, learned how to have a relationship with God, & I strive every day to live like Jesus would. A few years ago I was dark, depressed, overweight, & far away from God. I went through my teenage years being tormented, through a verbally abusive marriage that ended in divorce at 19, & a life of partying after that in college.

I lost 60 lbs at the age of 21 & my body was healthy, but my mind & soul weren’t. I hit rock bottom after a bad break up at the age of 24 in 2011 & was at a very depressed state, so I decided to start attending church more often. I then got baptized again, joined a life group, started volunteering at church & in the community, & reading her Bible & praying daily.

Having dependence on God also gives me freedom. My dependence on God is what has helped me through so many difficult times & obstacles in life. He has given me visions of what He wants me to do with my life, but I’ve felt very stuck before not knowing how to fulfill it. One night a few months ago, I surrendered my entire life to God, I spend a lot of time with Him in prayer, & ask for help with specific things so that I can help others through my fitness coaching.

After praying more and seeking Him each day, He helped me get to the point with my business so that I could quit my full-time job. I feel so blessed & now I always say, “God is working in all of us, He just needs you to stop trying to control everything yourself, let it go, seek Him, and just have faith!!”

Power of Prayer Freedom Through Christ: How I Depend on God

I hope this post helps encourage you & just shows you what God can do through your life. You can also have freedom through Christ if you learn to depend on God & celebrate that freedom He gives us daily. Please tweet this our share on Facebook if you know someone else who needs to hear this story.

Remember to always love yourself!


Jess <3


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