How to Get Started with Clean Eating & Tracking Your Macros

Many of you have asked me about macros & clean eating. What they are, how you figure yours out, etc. Your head may be spinning right now trying to grasp the concept. Don’t worry. I felt the same way when I first started learning about them. Just take it one day at a time & I promise it’ll get easier.

But, how do I figure out what mine are? You may be feeling, “This is too hard for me.”

In today’s video I addressed two different topics that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Applying clean eating to your life & also tracking your macros. It is proven to be effective. Just from April to June I saw a drastic change in my body. I finally had muscle tone & my cellulite started disappearing.

So let’s watch today’s message on how clean eating & macros work so you can start applying it NOW.

Just click below to watch!

photo1 How to Get Started with Clean Eating & Tracking Your Macros

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Don’t forget to always love yourself!

<3 xoxo


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