My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Beachbody Workout My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

My favorite Beachbody workout for women would BY FAR be Chalean Extreme. I have several reasons why this program is my absolutely favorite:

  1. You’re lifting weights & building muscle so that you burn more fat
  2. Your metabolism will speed up due to the extra muscle
  3. Chalene Johnson (the trainer pictured above) is super bubbly & energetic & makes the workouts so much fun
  4. The workouts are no longer than 45 minutes, most around 35 minutes a day
  5. The nutrition program that accompanies the program will help you get healthy & achieve the best possible results
  6. This workout made me actually LOVE working out – I used to loathe working out, even after losing 60 lbs.
  7. I can eat more food, who doesn’t love that?!

As you can see, there are so many reasons to love this program & I recommend it to all my friends. This is my favorite Beachbody workout for women because gaining muscle will literally change your life. You will feel so empowered after each workout because you’ll find that you can lift a lot heavier than what you ever thought. Lifting weights isn’t just for guys & it doesn’t bulk you up. You’ll actually be leaner & more toned by lifting weights. Cardio alone cannot give you those results.

I wanted to share my story of Chalean Extreme & why it is my favorite Beachbody workout for women. I just competed my second round a couple of weeks ago. When I first became a coach I did this program, but my nutrition wasn’t in order. I didn’t really have any results & pretty much stayed the same. Since then, I’ve tried P90X, the Ultimate Reset, & Turbo Fire. But, I was honestly shying away from lifting weights because I knew that muscle weighed more than fat & the scale would go up. Here’s my transformation from a few years ago to today.

Favorite Beachbody Workout for Women My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Since I’ve lost 60 lbs a couple years ago, the scale has been a mental battle for me. I’ve always known that muscle would make me weigh more & always wanted to be toned, but I didn’t want that scale to budge so I was literally living so unhealthy. I was eating 1200 calories a day & doing nothing but cardio workouts. I was still in the “weight loss mentality” & it became very dangerous. I hadn’t yet discovered my favorite Beachbody workout.

Then one day one of my close friends told me that I needed to get over this & stop being unhealthy. So he helped me realize that I needed to start eating 1800 calories a day. I became so tired of having cellulite & flab, so I knew I had to accept this & just do it. So, I started doing Chalean Extreme to lift heavy weights. I discovered what clean eating was all about & started fueling my body with proper nutrition. This is what I looked like prior to starting my hybrid of Chalean Extreme & Brazil Butt Lift & then also my after.

Chalean Extreme My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Oh and I now am toned & have MUSCLES! icon smile My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Favorite Beachbody Workout My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Doing this program has literally changed my life! It is totally my favorite Beachbody workout for women because everyone deserves to feel this way! I’m finally now happy with the way that I look.  I feel confident for once in my life, I’m empowered & feel so strong, & I feel so much happier & healthier every day. I hadn’t weighed myself the past couple of months & actually hid the scale because I knew it’d go up. I weighed myself Monday when I started T25 & discovered I’ve actually gained weight. I was emotional for a few minutes, but you know what? I’m okay with it. I look better than I’ve ever looked, I’m toned, have muscles, & feel happy. So I’m not going to let a number on the scale define me or my happiness!

So this my friends is why Chalean Extreme is my favorite Beachbody workout for women. If you’re like me & you’ve struggled with self-confidence your whole life, this workout is for you. If you’re ready to get empowered, feel strong, & love your life let me know! I host challenges all month that would be perfect to help you achieve your goals! Just head over here & let me know! icon smile My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Please RT & share with anyone this may help who struggles like I did my whole life!

Remember to always love yourself!


Jess <3


  1. Soni says

    I have been going back and forth on the turbo fire and Chalean. Do you still get the cardio burn with Chalean? I have done Jillian Michaels a lot too but looking for something to mix it up. Your feedback is appreciated.

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