Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year

weight loss solutions for new year Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year

Is it just me or did 2013 & the holidays fly by? I cannot believe it’s already January! I saw a cool quote on Instagram last night, “the bodies we make in the winter are what we will look like in the summer.” So that inspired me to make a post today about what we can do now to work on our weight loss solutions for the new year and make them last throughout the entire year icon smile Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year

Here are a few steps that you can take to make this a lasting change for your weight loss solutions for the new year:

  1. Make peace with your trigger foods. Figure out what foods you crave & come to terms with it. But DO NOT deprive it from your diet completely. That leads to binging (believe me I know). So allow yourself to have them once or twice a week.
  2. Rejoice in the benefits of healthy eating. Instead of thinking how deprived you’re going to be, think about how it’s going to benefit your health & how much longer you’re going to live.
  3. Set a goal. Make a goal that is SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, & trackable. Focus on the changes you can make to get towards losing however many pounds you set as your goal.
  4. Start working out at home. It saves on gym fees & it’s SO MUCH easier! You don’t have to hassle with the traffic & the drive either. Grab a friend to do it with you!
  5. Make some basic changes. Don’t make all the changes to your lifestyle at once, do one at a time. If you aren’t willing to change your lifestyle, you won’t be successful with weight loss.
  6. Have a friend hold you accountable. You are more likely to do something when you have committed to someone else to show up or that you’re going to do it.

Apply these changes to your weight loss solutions for the new year and I promise you will have victory!

weight loss Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year

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As always, don’t forget to love yourself!


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