My Dream Apartment!!!!

my dream apartment My Dream Apartment!!!!

I know I have been a little MIA on my blog posting, but I have been so busy getting settled in to my dream apartment. Now I am finally done & so excited to share it with you all!!

I have to give all the glory & honor to Jesus for helping me get this far! I would have never dreamed that I would be able to make almost quadruple what I made in my director level job working at the college (that I quit last year) only working part-time hours. Seriously 4 hours a day compared to 80+ hours a week for way more money. UMM YEAH!? THANK YOU JESUS!!

Anyway, it seriously is so amazing it feels like I am still dreaming. So to best share the experience with you, I took some pictures & a few videos!

My living room…

photo 2 My Dream Apartment!!!!

photo 1 1 My Dream Apartment!!!!

photo 2 11 My Dream Apartment!!!!

photo 3 11 My Dream Apartment!!!!

And my room!!

photo 11 My Dream Apartment!!!!

My office!!

photo 31 My Dream Apartment!!!!

My patio!

photo 5 My Dream Apartment!!!!

photo 41 My Dream Apartment!!!!

The rest you can see in a few quick videos I made!! icon smile My Dream Apartment!!!!

Here is a tour of the inside of my apartment.

This one is the pool & cookout area.

This one is downstairs of Earth Fare & the little village.

So blessed beyond measure & so excited to share!!! Praise The Lord!!

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