Quiet Time with God

quiet time with god Quiet Time with God

Happy Friday lovelies! It has been on my heart to talk about spending quiet time with God for two reasons. First because doing that has TOTALLY changed my entire life! But also because I think sometimes it can feel super complicated!

Like sometimes you may just sit down & be like, “umm okay. what now?!” I know I have felt that way before at least. I have also gone through different seasons with my quiet time.

I used to read quickly & pray in my head. But I have craved drawing closer to The Lord. So I have talked to many different friends through church to see what they do.

When I first started, I used the Bible App. It’s called You Version, you can download it on any smart phone or tablet. I love it because you can go through what they call plans & they are all different. Some topics are based on something  specific; like relationships or sex. Others are just daily devotionals.  Some are super specific, like being single or getting out of debt.

So right now what I do is I start with a walk outside in the morning after my workout. Sometimes I listen to worship music, sometimes a sermon from my church. You can download the Elevation Church app for free as well for access to MANY amazing sermons from Pastor Steven Furtick.

After that, I come sit down with my Bible App & read through the plans I’m doing. I always do a Joyce Meyer daily devotional because I LOVE her! She is so encouraging & it’s always spot on! Then I try to pick two other plans that can help me with whatever I feel like I am struggling with at the time.

I read through those & then do my journaling. I journal my prayers to God so that way I don’t get distracted, like I used to when I would just pray in my head. Then I sit & listen after I am done & God writes back to me. It is the most amazing things ever!

He told me in the beginning of June about amazing things that were going to happen in my life weeks before they did. I just LOVE this time with Him!!! My day doesn’t go right if I don’t get that time in.

This is just what I do for my quiet time. I know everyone is different. I encourage you to just try different things & see what fits best for you. That’s what I’ve done.

One thing I am trying to get better at is sitting still & quiet with Him & just listening. I remember one night a few weeks ago when I first moved to my new apartment, I was feeling stressed. So I went & sat on my porch & looked at the tops of the trees (I live on the top floor) & I felt like God was right there in front of me. He spoke to me as I sat still in the quiet for a good half hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have daily experiences like that. Sometimes life is busy to where other things are going on. But I have noticed the more intentional I am in spending time with Him, the closer I feel to Him & the more positive my thoughts are. Also life just feels easier because I am hearing from Him & following what He tells me to do.

So I hope some of these tips help you friends! If you every have any questions about faith, food, or fitness just know I am always one email away to help! <3

Have a great holiday weekend!



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