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coach opp august Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

I have some exciting news!! I am now accepting applicants again to join my coaching team!!!

I believe ya’ll have witnessed what The Lord has blessed me with through the coaching opportunity over the last year:

*Quitting my full-time director level job
*Moving to my dream city Charlotte last year
*Moving to my dream apartment just two weeks ago
*Waking up whenever I want, no alarm clocks
*Working whenever I want
*Only working 4 hours/day (yes that’s considered “full-time” coaching)
*Getting paid when I don’t actually work (worked 5 hours total the week I moved; yet made the same amount it would’ve taken me over a month to make in my full-time job working 80+ hours)
*And most importantly HELPING CHANGE LOTS OF LIVES

Now I am not perfect, I struggle/struggled with the following:

*Self confidence issues
*Weight struggles/past eating disorders
*Letting fear hold me back
*Not having a lot of knowledge about social media or business
*Not being an expert in the fitness industry (I was overweight half my life)
*Didn’t have time to build a business
*Didn’t have the money to invest

I say all this to say, I am JUST LIKE YOU! I struggle with all the same things & I for so long in my life let that hold me back. But, I am so glad that I took the leap of faith because it has changed my life. And this is ALL possible for YOU, too!

My passion is helping others build their business so they can completely change their lives too, have more time for their loved ones, & have complete financial & time freedom. All you need to know to take your first step on this journey:

*Fill out your application
*You will receive a BRAND NEW step by step training that I created that is PROVEN to have results that teaches you exactly how to build your biz
*You will have a team surrounding you & helping you every step of the way, so you never have to do it alone
*We won’t let you fail
*You barely need any time OR much money to invest in to what you can turn in to a MILLION DOLLAR biz

So if you’re ready to take the first step, I would LOVE to help you! I have only 15 spots open this month & I have already started receiving applications before posting this today. Our training will be starting in just a couple of weeks, so be sure you reach out to me ASAP & fill out your app ( to get started! <3

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