About Jess

Jessica Baumgardner is a faith-driven fitness coach, dedicated to the overall well-being of her clients. Mentor teaching health, financial, & spiritual growth.
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She has used her personable and compassionate approach to help hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds over the past year as a health and fitness coach. Her clients now live better, feel younger, and have a new found self confidence.

She is a devoted Christian who is goofy little kid at heart with a passion for helping others. She has gone through her own weight loss transformation herself and lost 60 lbs.

She was so tired of being unhappy with herself, drinking her problems away every day, & not feeling comfortable in her own body. She tried ever single thing possible to try to lose weight from pills, to Slim Fast, to the Atkins diet. You name it, she tried it.

After going through teenage years of being tormented & a verbally abusive marriage that ended in divorce at the young age of 19, she knew that she HAD to do something to change her life. She was so sick & tired of feeling depressed, she had no confidence, & just felt like there had to be more to life. She also met a very attractive guy in college who she was trying to impress after her divorce, so part of that was her motivation to look better.

She was eating terrible foods because she worked in food & beverage, so she was constantly eating fried foods, desserts, & consuming alcohol. So, she decided to change what she was eating, cut her portions in half, & added a fruit or vegetable to each meal. She also started doing an at home workout DVD because she was too embarrassed to workout at the gym & didn’t know what to do.

After making these changes, she lost 30 lbs during her senior year of college in 2009. However, she continued drinking all the time & her relationship with the attractive guy from college wasn’t going that well. Then she graduated college & was in the real world at a full-time “grown up” job, so her partying had to stop. She moved in with a roommate who was also losing weight, so she started running with her.

She then lost another 30 lbs after eliminating alcohol in 2010, incorporating a variety of workouts, & improving her nutrition even more by eating healthy every day. She ended up going through a bad break up with her boyfriend after a couple of years.

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Although her body was healthy, her mind & soul were not. She was not happy, confident, or close to God. She hit rock bottom in 2011 & was at a very depressed state, so she decided to start attending church more often. She then got baptized again, joined a life group, started volunteering at church & in the community, & reading her Bible & praying daily.

She then learned towards the end of 2012 about having a relationship with God & living like Jesus. God then helped her to become more confident & happy with herself as a single woman. She had never been single before & felt like she couldn’t live without having a significant other. But, she began to realize all she needed was Jesus in her life & she fell in love with Him.

She is so passionate about helping others realize that the body, mind, & soul all work together. She knows that there are so many women out there who were struggling, dark, & depressed like she was before. God has revealed that He is going to use her to help others through those same struggles to change their entire life.

He helped transform her life from being dark, disrespectful, depressed, and overweight to positive, caring, happy, and healthy. She knows He will send her the perfect husband one day and has two cats named Bella and Blondie.


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