New Coach Bootcamp: Day 10 Plugging In to the Network & Push Partners

{Day 10} Plugging In to the Network & Push Partners

Today’s topic is an easy one to apply, but I want you to understand the importance of getting plugged in to the Beachbody network. If you’re not plugged in, you are going to feel alone, like you are suffering, stuck, etc. Those are icky feelings & I don’t want ya’ll to feel this way so I want you to make sure you are doing all of these things that I will discuss in further detail in the video.

1. Get a push partner – Your sponsoring coach will help you do this, but this is the one thing that will IMMENSELY help grow your business & give you new fresh ideas & encouragement. Amie Evans is my push partner & I wouldn’t have been able to make this team if it wasn’t for her!

2. Listen to the weekly national coach calls – They’re recorded if you can’t make it live, but you don’t want to miss out! So many AMAZE tips that you can apply that will propel your business forward. Don’t miss it!

3. Stalk the top coaches – Think Scottie Hobbs, Lindsay Matway, Melanie Mitro, Alli Upham, Mindy Wender, etc. Go look at the leader board in the online office for more names. You want to watch what they’re doing to get ideas. I have done this & applied things to my biz & it’s helped me in areas I was struggling.

4. Get plugged in to the challenges – If you’re not getting your workouts in, how are you going to help others do the same? You MUST do this first & foremost!

5. Webinar & call archive in online office – Recordings of all the calls where you’ll get amazing tips & resources to apply to your biz.

6. Follow Dani Johnson & Eric Worre – Go on their sites, sign up for their free lists & videos, go to their conferences, read their books. GO PRO!!!! Why didn’t we have this when I first became a coach?!! I would’ve been so much further ahead. And I own the entire DJ Library so if you want to borrow something let me know. But these conferences are what make my business explode QUICKLY because of all the amazing tips learned there. Plus I finally got confidence to do this that I never had before because I used to doubt myself & have no confidence.

Post your goals below so that your sponsoring coach can find the perfect push partner for you.