New Coach Bootcamp: Day 11 Relationship Marketing

{Day 11} Relationship Marketing

Today’s training is about urging you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity that we have been given and building the right relationships to make your business explode. We have been blessed to be working for a company that is built on building good relationships. It’s all about trust and branding yourself to reach your target market. By taking the time to build the relationships in the beginning and focusing in on your niche, you will notice that your relationship will grow all by itself.

How can you utilize relationship marketing?

1. Make a list of your interests
2. Find interest groups and join them. Start talking to people on threads and friend them. Continue to build that relationship. Don’t throw Beachbody at them… let the relationship forming and conversation lead to that.
3. Start branding yourself. Who do you best relate to? What’s your inspirational story? Who do you want to target?
4. Be consistent with your conversations and follow ups and watch the magic happen!

(sorry for being all over the place… I might have had too much coffee this afternoon

1. Share one of your interests and a group that you have joined.
2. What’s your target market?