New Coach Bootcamp: Day 12 Become a Network Marketing Professional

{Day 12} The 7 Steps to Become a Network Marketing Professional & the Fortune is in the Follow Up

I am SOOOO excited to have this resource to share with ya’ll at the beginning of your coaching journey! As I tell ya’ll quite often, we had no training in place when I became a coach. If I would’ve had this in my hands in the beginning, I have no doubt that I would’ve been able to do what I’ve done with my business in half the time. The book I am going to be talking about (“Go Pro” by Eric Worre) beautifully breaks everything down in to simple steps that are easy to apply.

These 7 things are the ONLY thing you need to focus on because they are income generating activities. Not that money is the most important thing, but I know you all started this with some type of income goal in mind. I (or your sponsor) invited you to this business because we care about you & wanted to help you achieve all your goals & dreams. THIS is what we need to focus on if that’s what we want to do!

You will not even recognize your life a year from now if you take everything from this book & do it. This is the MOST IMPORTANT topic to pay attention to if you are going to take your business seriously. If you don’t take this seriously, I am sorry to say it but you will not succeed with this business.

After watching the video, share your biggest takeaway of what you need to focus on/adjust based on the 7 skills.