New Coach Bootcamp: Day 13 Accountability and Staying Committed

{Day 13} Accountability and Staying Committed

This business is like any independent business venture. You have to put in the work to see the rewards. There are going to be times where it seems like it’s not working, when no one is interested and you just don’t think you’ll ever sign a coach – you have to keep showing up. Then there are going to be times when life gets crazy busy and you just don’t have a spare moment to work the business – you have to keep showing up! It’s when you keep showing up that you are going to notice the difference. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But over time that momentum will grow and you will be on fire. Don’t give up on yourselves or fall victim to the slow start up. You have the desire and the why to make this work, so figure out a system and do it!!

How are you going to make sure that you are showing up daily to work your business? What are your business hours going to be?