New Coach Bootcamp: Day 14 Personal Development & Go Pro

{Day 14} Personal Development & Go Pro

Here’s your last video – congrats for making it to the finish line!!! icon smile New Coach Bootcamp: Day 14 Personal Development & Go Pro

Personal development is SOOOO ESSENTIAL to growing your business!!! If you aren’t doing this vital behavior, you need to resuscitate yourself because you’re basically cutting off the air to your business. That’s a weird crazy comparison I just made up.

But seriously, if you are working on being a better YOU, you will also see your business grow. If your business is STUCK or you are at a stand still, chances are you aren’t doing your personal development or doing enough of it.

It’s the easiest thing not to do & it’s also the easiest thing to do too much of you. You’ve got to be sure you are doing all three or your business will suffer. But this one will change not only your business but your LIFE!

I refused to do most personal development for the first 7 months of my business & then went to a Dani Johnson conference & it changed my business & my LIFE. I will never be the same again – I went from being negative, doubting myself, & having no confidence to who I am today. Heck no I am not perfect, but I am at least happy & confident  I hope ya’ll take this seriously because if you treat your business like a business, you will see the results

As I have been saying, if I would’ve had Go Pro in the beginning, I would’ve been able to do what I’ve done with my business in half the time. If you haven’t started listening or reading yet, you’re not taking your business seriously & you are not going to succeed. Sorry just being real. Because I care about you!

Quick homework assignment – share below with us your biggest takeaway from Go Pro so far.