New Coach Bootcamp: Day 4 FORM, Sharing vs. Selling, & Stories

{Day 4} FORM, Sharing vs. Selling, & Stories

These three topics really all tie together & if you take these & run with them, your business is going to really propel forward! Here is your video.

Just wanted to say a few things as well. Like many of you, I was so afraid of inviting or talking about what I was doing in the beginning. But, utilizing these concepts really helped me to feel like a professional & not salesy.

I was that girl that told my sponsor “I”m not a sales person” when I signed up, yet the past couple months I have earned Success Club 10 within the first week of the month. I don’t say that to brag, I say that because these concepts work & they truly show people where our heart is & that we are here to help.

Just briefly two things I wanted to say because I want ya’ll to remember these & like etch them in your brain  Because it will seriously make everything feel so much easier & natural.

1. FORM = Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message (this is where the invite comes in) – will go in to more details in the video. Don’t go in to a conversation just thinking “when can I invite them?” That’s what an icky sales person would do. We are here to genuinely here to connect with people & help them if it’s a good fit.

First do your exposure – this is where you reach out & just say “hey!” whether it be a new contact or someone you hadn’t talked to in a while. Get to know them. Share stories about what you’re doing (coaching, challenges, etc.). Then invite. Be sure you’re doing 2 exposures & 2 invites a day. We will guide you through how to do that during upcoming training videos.

2. Sharing vs. Selling & Stories = Facts tell stories sell. Share your story, share our stories, don’t word vomit information about Shakeology or the workouts on people. We are here as a consultant to ask questions, share lots of stories, & help guide people.