New Coach Bootcamp: Day 6 Overcoming Objections

{Day 6} Overcoming Objections

Objections are something that can be discouraging, people telling you “no” when you invite them to a challenge & all you want to do is help them. But, good news!  If you’re getting objections you’re doing something right! If you aren’t getting them, you need to go out there & invite some more & talk to more people.

There are ways to easily overcome objections (money, time, etc.) that I will discuss in this video.

Having a bit of knowledge on Shakeology & how it can help EVERYONE (it’s not just for weight loss) is also great, too. Here’s a quick video called “100 Doctor’s Don’t Lie” to go over. I will explain why you’re listening to this in the video you listen to first.

I also want you to review our team call from last month with more on handling objections.

This will be a game changer for you! This used to be my weakness, but with the help of an amazing book (that I recommend in the call/video) & just practice, I overcame it & you can, too!  Don’t forget to ask your sponsor for help if you’re struggling.