New Coach Bootcamp: Day 7 Going Emerald and Asking for Your Sponsor’s Help

{Day 7} Going Emerald and Asking for Your Sponsor’s Help

Let’s talk more about building your team! As we have talked about before, once you have two of your own personally sponsored coaches, you will achieve an Emerald rank & can qualify for team bonuses & free customers from Beachbody! It’s amazing!

Here is a reminder about the requirements to advance to Emerald:
- Personally sponsor an active Coach on your left leg.
- Personally sponsor an active Coach on your right leg.
- You and your two Personally Sponsored Coaches meet active status requirements (50 PV).

In my experience, there are FOUR reasons people become a coach (warning: not everyone sees themselves as a “coach,” use terms & descriptions below that fit them).

1. To get a discount on their own products & to help you build your team. (Think family & friends.)

2. All of the above, plus to stay committed to their own fitness & get paid for referrals. (Think customers who like the products & have gotten great results & people are asking them about what they’ve done.)

3. All of the above, plus to turn a fitness hobby into a career & real income. (Think about avid fitness enthusiasts who have other “day jobs” but would love to be involved in fitness.)

4. All of the above, plus they already have a career in fitness & this is an easy thing to add to it. It’s a way of helping more people & make more money doing what they already do. (Think fitness instructors, personal trainers, etc).

Here is your video.

And here is Whitney’s video about using her coach for help when closing coaches.

1. Share your Dream Team list with the group
2. Identify the first person you are going to reach out to
3. Schedule a time with your sponsor coach to game plan your best inviting approach