New Coach Bootcamp: Day 8 Success Club & Challenge Packs

{Day 8} Success Club & Challenge Packs

This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because THIS & recruiting used to be my biggest weaknesses. And now I love it! I know it’s tough & scary in the beginning, but I promise if you follow what we are teaching, keep practicing, & have confidence in yourself that over time you will make it a strength.

Success Club 5 is the ONE GOAL you should have for yourself EVERY single month in this business. You will not be moving your business forward if you are not earning Success Club each month. Plus there are some AMAZE benefits like FREE customer leads you get paid for = FREE MONEY! , trips you can earn (I already earned the cruise in March), & monthly prizes!

Challenge packs go hand in hand with it, so in the video today I gave ya’ll some tips on how to earn Success Club through selling Challenge Packs  Here it is.

Quick homework – share below at LEAST 10 people on your list (you BETTER have started working on your list now, or I will beat you up! :P) & where you are at in your conversation with them (i.e. still FORMing or what step you are in the 5 step invitation process).