New Coach Bootcamp: Day 9 Time Management and BAT

{Day 9} Time Management and BAT

Are you struggling with trying to find time for this business? Focusing in on the right information and material and using your time correctly will help your business propel forward. If you are not using your time wisely, you will sit still. Make sure you are focusing on the right activities by following the BAT daily. My main suggestion is to get in and get out. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Have your game plan ready, go for it, and then know that you are growing your business. If you can set aside time when you can truly focus on these activities daily, you will notice a huge difference in what you are accomplishing in your business!

The BAT is going to be your life saver. Have you ever noticed that you get so much more done when you have a specific list to follow? Without this list you are going to get caught up in the Facebook chaos. Use the BAT and check off as you go. It is such a time saver and it helps you keep that laser focus. You’ll also start to pick up on areas where you need to focus on improving.

If you haven’t already done so, save a copy to your computer and start using this. You can print and mark it off or do it on your computer. Whatever works for you is fine… just make sure you are doing it!


What are some things that you are going to change to make sure you are using your time more efficiently?