Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 7 Using Scripts

{Day 7} Using Scripts – Inviting Out & About 

So you may be wondering how to comfortably do this business in person. This was SO out of my comfort zone at first for a LONG time (until Dani Johnson’s conference) & it still can be at times now. But, I continue to push myself to SHARE & talk to people about challenge groups & the coaching opportunity in person.

In today’s video I’m going to give you some suggestions on how to talk to people about how we can help them (through the coaching opportunity & challenge groups). It’s all about THEM – their goals & needs – NOT our products.

Your job is to act as a consultant, ask lots of questions, dig deeper, & figure out how what we have can fit a goal or need they have. If you are word vomiting about Beachbody or Shakeology, sending lots of information or videos, or making it about anything BUT them you will not be successful. But, if you are able to figure out what their goals & needs are & present to them how a challenge group or the coaching opportunity fits that, you will be WILDLY successful.

If you aren’t selling challenge packs or adding coaches to your team, this is why! This is why I STRUGGLED to do both of those for so many months. I straight up SUCKED LOL! But seriously!!

More in the video on how to do this…

**Here is also a great recording from a Team Call where Trisha talks about how she connects with people out & about.