Diamond in the Rough Training: Getting New Coach Started right

{Day 12} Getting New Coach Started right with Training and Getting Started Right Call

The most important part of bringing in new coaches is getting them plugged in and leading them on their journey. When you bring in coaches, you are promoting yourself to a leader. They are looking to you to lead them to all of the answers. Luckily this team and company makes that easy for you!

First thing is your Getting Started Right call. This needs to happen within the first week of their coaching. You can find everything you need for that here.

Schedule this as soon as they become a coach!!

Next, plug them in to a training. Get them started right by giving them the answers they need to be successful. Don’t give them time to become overwhelmed by it all. Give them specific, detailed focus points to get their business started right.

Here’s today’s video.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or if you need help guiding a new coach. We are here for you!

**Also, be sure that you are adding your new coaches to your challenge group as a coach apprentice. Then you’ll want to help them with inviting people to your next group. Here’s what I do….

For the invite post … “Ahh!! So excited!! I just got selected to be an apprentice coach in my coach Jess’s next fitness group!!! The same challenge that has helped me (fill in the blank of how it’s helped you)! I was also told that I can select TWO people to do the challenge along with me!!! If you think it might be something you are interested in & would like to be considered LIKE or comment below & I will message you over the details!! HURRY though I only have 4 days to choose!”

You could also make this in to a one-on-one invite & after the “I can select TWO people…” you could say “And I would love to have you join us! Does it sound like something you’d be interested in?”**