Diamond in the Rough Training: Creating Your Target Audience on Social Media

{Day 15} Creating Your Target Audience on Social Media

I am SOOO excited for this entire week to discuss 7 days chock full of social media with ya’ll!!

This is something I am SO passionate about because majority of my business was built on social media. I had a large network of friends before becoming a coach, but didn’t post much on social media & didn’t have many friends interested in health & fitness.

After taking Sandi Krakowski’s 6 month social media program, well actually about 2 months in, my income quadrupled by applying what she taught. So in today’s video & this week, we are going to break down exactly how to define your target audience, create amazing content that will result in sales & helping lotsssss of people, & making it simple & easy!

I mean how do I think I met just about every single person on this team? And my clients? Social media  It’s an amazing thing!

So grab your pens & paper or Microsoft Word if you’re not a paper kinda person & get ready to take notes today on how to create your target audience! This is so important because if you’re not gaining challengers or new coaches, THIS could just be the missing piece! We want to make sure there’s connection & I will explain that in today’s video!