Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 18 Facebook Ads

{Day 18} Facebook Ads

Listen up! We’ve discussed the important of having a like page to run your business and part of that reason is to grab new followers to add to your contact list. You want to constantly be growing that list so you will always have new people to reach out to. If you don’t grow the list, you will eventually run out of people to invite. Not good!

Facebook has set a up a way where you can create an Ad to promote your like page and have it show it people’s Newsfeed with a little description to urge them to like it. Most of the time this will get your new people who aren’t from your personal page. When these people come to your page, your job is to be engaging and post helpful information to get them posting. And then you can FORM those relationships.

Let’s discuss how we do all of this… When you go into your Like Page side of Facebook. You will see “Promote Page” everywhere. You can go to the top and click Build Audience or you can click Promote Page. Either way brings you to the same screen of setting up your Ad. Once at this page, you will get to set up your Ad.

- Your audience needs to include United States and Canada.
- Pick interest words that you want to attract to your page. Keep in mind that you don’t want to only do healthy and fitness related stuff. Go for other things you enjoy (List of Interests) and put those down.
- Age (choose whatever age you want)
- Gender (choose whatever Gender you want)
- Daily Budget. Make sure you choose what works for you. Don’t feel like you have to run huge Ads all of the time. Even a couple of more people is better than anything. Make sure you set your budget and an END date. Otherwise you risk the chance of forgetting to stop it and paying a lot of money.

I strongly suggest running an Ad weekly and playing with days to see when you get the most. It’s important just like with posting content to your page to play with the timing of your Ads.

It’s as simple as that and you will constantly be adding new people to your contact list! So share with us… when are you going to run your first Ad?