Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 2 Building Your Dream Team

{Day 2} Building Your Dream Team

We will be talking about building your Dream Team today.

In order to build your team, you need to understand the importance behind it. I have covered this in the video and challenged you to start building your team.

Here’s a reminder of the typical people who sign as coaches:

1. To get a discount on their own products & to help you build your team. (Think family & friends.)

2. All of the above, plus to stay committed to their own fitness & get paid for referrals. (Think customers who like the products & have gotten great results & people are asking them about what they’ve done.)

3. All of the above, plus to turn a fitness hobby into a career & real income. (Think about avid fitness enthusiasts who have other “day jobs” but would love to be involved in fitness.)

4. All of the above, plus they already have a career in fitness & this is an easy thing to add to it. It’s a way of helping more people & make more money doing what they already do. (Think fitness instructors, personal trainers, etc).

Here’s your video.

**Here is also a great quick video on the benefits of being Diamond

Homework – Invite one person from your Dream Team and copy and paste the message below. You can use Indirect or Direct approach! Just invite them!!!