Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 20 Pinterest

{Day 20} Pinterest

Pinterest has really become a large social media platform that can be a great way to grab more followers. Setting up a BUSINESS Pinterest page would be a great way to expose your expertise as a coach in the fitness world. I do not suggest turning your personal Pinterest page into your business one. You want to make sure you are only focusing on what would make you an expert to those looking for help in the fitness world – think Shakeology, healthy recipes, exercises, motivation, success stories, and then whatever else your brand includes. Throwing out random boards such as your child’s birthday party will probably cause you to lose followers.

When linking to outside sites articles, make sure they are legitimate and helpful information. Don’t just repin stuff without checking out the source. The point of this is to make yourself a professional!

When you are creating your board, always link back to your Facebook page, blog, or beachbody website so that your followers know where to find you!

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Have you set up a Pinterest business page?