Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 23 What is a Recruiting Burst & a Cool Formula

{Day 23} What is a Recruiting Burst & a Cool Formula

So in today’s video I just wanted to preface everything with a review the basics of sharing the business opportunity/recruiting.

1. Find out their goals/needs – they won’t start if they don’t feel like it’ll help them

2. Be consistent on social media – people won’t trust you if you’re not consistent

3. Be a professional – be excited, passionate, & share your belief

4. Don’t take a no personally – keep on keepin’ on

5. Share your story & others – become a professional story teller

6. Become a master at closing – use the resources in the Dropbox “Sharing the Business Opportunity” folder

Amie discussed yesterday why we do recruiting bursts – in today’s video I’m going to explain why you need to be inviting to the opportunity DAILY & an amazing formula that is going to blow your mind on what your income will be if you do just that.