Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 24 Belief, Passion, and Super Focused

{Day 24} Belief, Passion, and Super Focused

These are 3 HUGE pieces to the puzzle of being a successful coach. If you do not believe in yourself and this business opportunity or do not have passion, it will shine through when you are talking to people. They will sense your uncertainty and they will become uncertain. You have to be proud of what you do and BELIEVE in everything you offer!

Being super focused is the glue that ties in all together. Don’t just show up and pretend to work. You have to have a game plan and stay focused on it. I promise if you focus on your BAT and getting it done without getting side tracked that your business will grow. Stay consistent and focused and work towards your goals!

For today, I want you to rate yourself in these three areas. 1 for needs major improvement and 5 for being a ROCKSTAR. Our goal is to reach all 5′s!