Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 25 Feeding Your Mind & Time Management

{Day 25} Feeding Your Mind & Time Management

Today I want to discuss the importance of getting out of your own way. Here’s what I mean by that – when I say that I struggled the first 9 months of coaching, it’s because I was an obstacle in my own way. I wasn’t managing my time properly & I wasn’t feeding my mind with the right things. Due to that, I set myself up for failure & did not have much success.

Feeding your mind with positive things & your environment are EVERYTHING. If you constantly tell yourself you’re afraid, you have doubts, you have fears, you refuse to do things because you don’t wait to fail – that’s what is going to happen. I know it sounds cliche – but it is SO true! More details in video.

And time management – time is like our best friend & worst enemy. This was a huge struggle for me before because I have the tendency to get too chatty & sometimes do things that are a waste of my time because I am very easily distracted. But praise Jesus for power hour & the BAT, because that’s what’s helped me get organized & stay focused. Plus some more things I will give you as tips in today’s video.

Share in the comments below – what do you struggle with more – time management or feeding your mind?