Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 26 List of Resources and Success Stories

{Day 26} List of Resources and Success Stories

So who in this group has wasted tons of time overthinking a response or searching for the perfect video to send to a potential coach or customer? I think we all have. Today’s topic is to AVOID that.

When we spend extra time thinking about how to respond to someone or what to say we are exhausting our brain power. When our brain is exhausted from overthinking, the doubt slowly starts to creep in and we lose all motivation. Being real with you guys – this has been my biggest struggle!

I am STRESSING the importance of having a list resources to go to for times like the one mentioned above. These are your business tools. Much like your program and Shakeology are your health tools. Start making your list of resources and have them where you can easily refer to them. It will make a world of a difference and free up sooooo much of your time! Remember, we are about working SMARTER, not harder!!

Video for the day

What are you going to include in your resource list?