Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 27 Sending a Tool in Various Ways & 3 Way Conversations

{Day 27} Sending a Tool in Various Ways & 3 Way Conversations

Can’t believe we are almost done with training, time flies!!

In today’s lesson I want to discuss the importance of having a tool (video) to send out to your coach prospects & various ways you can do that:

1. Direct invitation – asking someone if they’ve considered coaching before
2. Indirect invitation – sending the video to a friend/family member for their opinion

I will explain more in the video I made for today. I HIGHLY recommend using one of these two approaches to send to AT LEAST one person a day every day. Your mind will be blown by what happens to your business if you implement these strategies.

The indirect invitation is a way to share the opportunity if you’re a bit afraid of talking to people about coaching at first. But, if you’re not asking someone every day, you’re not going to grow your team or business.

The second thing I want to discuss is having 3 way conversations with your coach prospects (or even challenge prospects) with your upline. If you’re not closing people, then I HIGHLY recommend doing this!! I give tips on how to approach setting up a 3 way conversation in the video. I did this for my coach Whitney before & I helped her recruit 5 coaches in A WEEK by doing 3 way conversations. It’s the PERFECT way to see how your upline does what they do & what works so that you can learn & then go duplicate.

Here’s the video for today.

Everything that I refer to in today’s video is in this folder. Go explore, there are so many great resources in here for you to share the opportunity!

Share a name below of someone who you want to set up a 3way conversation with this week with your upline.