Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 4 Sharing

{Day 4} Sharing with those interested in Fitness and Health

Go through your list of people and mark those who you know are 100% committed to fitness.

These are the people who share their journeys on their Facebook page, who post inspirational pictures, and who are constantly trying something new.

These are people who have already tagged themselves as potential clients/coaches. Your job is to reach out to these people!

If you have already gone through this list or are struggling with coming up with names, have no fear, the social media world is here! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it so easy to find people who share similar interests with you.

All you have to do is search for them and start conversations. Reach out to these people and start adding them to your list. Build relationships that move over to your personal FB page and continue to get to know them.

Your job is to grow this area in your Dream Team/Contact List.

Here’s your video.

How many fitness people do you already know that you can reach out to? How are you going to go about finding more?

Put action behind these words and do it!