Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 5 Apprenticeship/Internship Posts

{Day 5} Apprenticeship/Internship Posts

Ya’ll may have seen my posts about how I have 5 spots left for my next apprenticeship group.

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today! These are SUPER important to do once a month on all your social media outlets. You’ll get people contacting you who you either didn’t know or who you never thought would be interested in coaching.

The last one I did in December I paid about $10 to promote the post (I recommend Sunday evenings, it’s the most popular) & got about 10-15 new names of people I wasn’t connected with just on my FB Like page.

Got a few from posting on Instagram & my personal page, & Twitter, too. It’s important to describe this opportunity as a PROFESSIONAL opportunity because that’s really what it is & it’s life changing!

And this post explains just how this opportunity can change your life & lets people know how they’ll get that guidance, mentorship, & support once they join (most people don’t realize that). And an “apprenticeship program” is literally just getting your new coaches in & plugging them in to our New Coach Bootcamp training.

I explain more about what I mean in the video

**Also added a doc w/ my post word for word in the Dropbox. (Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you can say you’ve done the same things I’ve done w/ coaching. I explain how to make yours sounds amazing in the video:) )