Diamond in the Rough Training: Day 8 Challenge Groups

{Day 8} Challenge Groups and their importance when building the business

I’m not going to beat you guys with Challenge Groups and what they are and why they are important. I think we all get it. Fill your Challenge Groups, make Success Club, get commission, free leads, and BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!!!

This business is about helping others. People do not care about what you say. They care about what you SHOW them. They want to know what you are going to DO to help them. You have to be filling these groups monthly to see a growth.

Let’s put it this way… You get challengers, you get success stories, you get potential coaches who KNOW the products, and you grow as a coach.

Here’s your video

Homework: What challengers do you have that would make a good coach? How would you go about inviting them to the opportunity?