Diamond in the Rough Training: Facebook Like Page Content

{Day 16} Facebook Like Page Content

So we have identified our Target Market and now the next step is deciding what to post about. Making sure that you are constantly posting for your Target Market will constantly keep them engaged and help in building those relationships.

The first step is having a like page. This will be your business page and will really help with motivating and reaching out to so many more people than just using your personal page. If you haven’t already created one, that’s your first assignment!


******FACEBOOK HAS RECENTLY CHANGED THEIR ALGORITHIM, WHICH MEANS HOW MANY PEOPLE SEE YOUR POST. NOW YOU MUST PAY FACEBOOK IN ORDER FOR YOUR POSTS TO GET SEEN BY A LOT OF PEOPLE.  So if your engagement is down that is why – it’s not anything you’re doing wrong. So as a tip, make sure all the people who are commenting or messaging you on your like page you transition them to your personal page. That will also help build trust with them & they’ll see your Beachbody posts you’re sharing & end up reaching out to you about it. What I usually say is, “it’s much easier to connect on my personal page, shoot me a friend request www.facebook.com/jessicab68.”

Here’s your video - 

Write down your ideas for your page content and share below. Let’s share some ideas and help each other really focus in on branding ourselves!


PS – Gary V’s book also says to do promoted posts rather than ads, as it’s more cost effective. Here’s an example I put in Dropbox of one I’ve donehttps://www.dropbox.com/.../Promoted%20Post%20...

Here’s also an example of a very successful ad I have run beforehttps://www.dropbox.com/s/q3gu3prz3dkan1x/Facebook%20Ad.docx

**Facebook Content Bonus**

Amie did an amazing job in today’s lesson explaining how to map out your content! But I wanted to give you a bonus!!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, this book is absolutely EPIC!!! Why couldn’t I have found this book when I made my page over a year ago?! LOL! Happy to have it to share with y’all though.

Anyway, just wanted to include a quick page on questions to ask yourself when creating your content on Facebook. After reading this, I’m working on improving mine!

FB questions 225x300 Diamond in the Rough Training: Facebook Like Page Content


fb questions 2 225x300 Diamond in the Rough Training: Facebook Like Page Content