Diamond in the Rough Training Videos

Here is a list of all the “Diamond in the Rough” training videos, in 1 convenient spot!

Training Videos:

Day 1: Overcoming your fears

Day 2: Building your dream team

Day 3: Weekly PUSH

Day 4: Sharing with those interested in Fitness and Health 

Day 5: Apprenticeship/Internship Posts

Day 6: Indirect Invite Approach

Day 7: Using Scripts – Inviting Out & About

Day 8: Challenge Groups and their importance when building the business

Day 9: How to Host a 5 Day Shakeology Challenge & a Free Challenge

Day 10: How to have people to invite to Challenge Group & the Art of Closing a Sale

Day 11: Weekly PUSH – Send out 3 to 5 Coach Invites NOW!!

Day 12: Getting New Coach Started right with Training and Getting Started Right Call

Day 13: Volume, business builders vs. discount, coach placement, & consistency

Day 14: Law of Duplication and Teaching to Teach

Day 15: Creating Your Target Audience on Social Media

Day 16: Facebook Like Page Content

Day 17: Relationship Building & Engagement on Social Media (plus cool apps & tools!)

Day 18: Facebook Ads

Day 19: Twitter & Instagram

Day 20: Pinterest

Day 21: Blogging

Day 22: Recruiting Major Burst and Why we do it

Day 23: What is a Recruiting Burst & a Cool Formula

Day 24: Belief, Passion, and Super Focused

Day 25: Feeding Your Mind & Time Management

Day 26: List of Resources and Success Stories

Day 27: Sending a Tool in Various Ways & 3 Way Conversations

Day 28: The Must Do List to go Diamond