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God really placed on my heart to share the power of having a personal relationship with Him. I was raised Catholic & never knew about having a relationship with God. In fact, my family stopped going to church when I was in high school because  my younger brother & me complained so much our parents got sick of it.

I was far away from God in high school & college & after going through a divorce at the age of 19 & a breakup from a longterm relationship at the age of 24 I was at rock bottom. I never thought I would be able to survive being single, but God proved me wrong.

I got baptized again through the Christian church I had been attending sporadically, joined a life group, and started volunteering at the church. After a few months, I was over my breakup & at a very happy point in my life.

Everything was going great for several months & then I had an emotional breakdown back in March. I felt like I was never going to be able to do what God out me on this planet to do.

He gave me visions of what He wants me to do & how I’m going to change lives through a fitness ministry, writing a book, motivational speaking, & with coaching to help people achieve their financial & health & fitness goals. But, I was feeling so stuck & didn’t know what to do anymore.

I literally was weeping on my bed one night & told God that I knew I can’t do anything without Him. I asked Him to work through me, give me the words to say, how to say it, when, where, etc. I also asked for help achieving specific goals by the end of the month.

After spending so much time with Him in prayer, calling out for help, giving it all to Him, asking for laser focus & confidence, & having faith, He helped me achieve two out of three of those goals just in two days! And the third by the end of the month!

After praying more and seeking Him each day, He helped me get to the point with her Beachbody business so that I could quit my full-time job. I feel so blessed & just knows that this is what He wants me to do with my life – change lives & help people achieve their fitness & financial goals.

I always say, “God is working in all of us, He just needs you to stop trying to control everything yourself, let it go, seek Him, and just have faith!!”

Nourish your body, mind, & soul so that you can be at your best in order to do the most for the Kingdom of God. 

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