How to Live a Life by Design

jess How to Live a Life by Design

Becoming a coach has absolutely changed my life! Here is how The Lord has blessed me over the last year & a half because of the opportunity:

*Quitting my full-time director level job

*Moving to my dream city Charlotte last year

*Moving to my dream apartment just two months ago

*Waking up whenever I want, no alarm clocks

*Working whenever I want

*Only working 4 hours/day (yes that’s considered “full-time” coaching)

*Getting paid when I don’t actually work (worked 5 hours total the week I moved; yet made the same amount it would’ve taken me over a month to make in my full-time job working 80+ hours)

*And most importantly HELPING CHANGE LOTS OF LIVES

So, I am handing over that opportunity to 20 people &  searching for some fellow Jesus lovers to join team Fit & Faithful to create a life of freedom! And most importantly to shine the light of Jesus & help others reach their health & fitness goals! The first 3-6 months of the internship you will learn from ME & what I do with my business so you can understand exactly how to do it, too. THEN after 6-8 months of following the to-do list & training I give you consistently your pay could be around $500-$1,000 weekly.

That number will double or even triple if you continue to follow everything consistently & after just 2 years you could be earning a 6 figure income. The CRAZY thing is, the income just keeps increasing.

More details in the video here.

PS – If you like what you hear when you’re done, head over here to fill out your application.

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