Refresh Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Body Mind Soul1 Refresh Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Do you feel like you need to refresh your body, mind, & soul? You are not alone!

I have something BRAND NEW & EXCITING I want to offer to you all!!!

I know from personal experience that the solution to TRUE health & happiness comes from having a healthy body, mind, & soul. You can lose weight or get fit, but results will not last if your mind & soul are not also healthy.

After losing 60 lbs a few years ago I have gained a little weight back a few times, but I have learned that when I gain weight back it’s because my mind & soul are not where they need to be. THAT is where it all starts!

So for the first time ever, I want to offer you an exclusive personal group with myself to work on these areas. Here is what you will gain:

- A healthy body & mind
- Learn to love yourself
- Grow your faith
- Personalized meal plan
- Low impact workout
- Accountability, motivation, & support daily

I only have space to accept 10 new clients & I expect this to fill up QUICK, so message me ASAP to reserve yours! ♥

How to Create a Life By Design

Opportunity Webinar How to Create a Life By Design

All right so ya’ll have witnessed it. You saw me quit my corporate job & retire at 25. You saw me move to my dream city last year. Then you just saw me move to my DREAM apartment just a few weeks ago! {God is so good!}

Have you ever wondered HOW exactly I live my life by design?! How does someone my age have the time & financial freedom that most people who are in their 50′s are still searching for?!

I quit my 9-5 director level job that I had a MASTERS DEGREE for & followed my HEART! The absolute SCARIEST but BEST choices I have EVER made!! Please friends, don’t let fear cause you to settle for less than the life you deserve.

Tonight at 9pm EST my gorgeous biz partner Lauren Kilisky & I will be hosting a BRAND SPANKIN NEW LIVE webinar all about creating YOUR life by design & what we actually DO as coaches.

I want to invite YOU to come hang out & just listen! We don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do! But, we are here to help you if you’re ready. Maybe THIS is the change you have been waiting for! It doesn’t hurt to learn more right?!

We are also doing a LIVE giveaway for a Shakeology® prize pack!! So you DEF don’t want to miss it!! Mark your calendars!!

More deets & RSVP here: