How to Get Started with Clean Eating & Tracking Your Macros

Many of you have asked me about macros & clean eating. What they are, how you figure yours out, etc. Your head may be spinning right now trying to grasp the concept. Don’t worry. I felt the same way when I first started learning about them. Just take it one day at a time & I promise it’ll get easier.

But, how do I figure out what mine are? You may be feeling, “This is too hard for me.”

In today’s video I addressed two different topics that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Applying clean eating to your life & also tracking your macros. It is proven to be effective. Just from April to June I saw a drastic change in my body. I finally had muscle tone & my cellulite started disappearing.

So let’s watch today’s message on how clean eating & macros work so you can start applying it NOW.

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photo1 How to Get Started with Clean Eating & Tracking Your Macros

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Mind, Body and Spirit: The Perfect Trinity For A Healthy Body Image

Body Mind Spirit Mind, Body and Spirit: The Perfect Trinity For A Healthy Body Image I am so excited to talk about one of my favorite topics today – the mind, body, & spirit. They are truly the perfect trinity for a healthy body image. Since I was overweight half my life, I’ve struggled with a healthy body image. Even after losing 60 lbs it’s something that I struggle with almost daily. It is definitely a process, but it becomes easier every day when your mind, body, & spirit are aligned.

If you don’t know my story, it’s been a step by step process to align my mind, body, & spirit. At the age of 21, I was so tired of being unhappy with myself, drinking my problems away every day, & not feeling comfortable in my own body. I tried ever single thing possible to try to lose weight from pills, to Slim Fast, to the Atkins diet. You name it, I tried it.

After going through teenage years of being tormented & a verbally abusive marriage that ended in divorce at the young age of 19, I knew that I HAD to do something to change my life. I was so sick & tired of feeling depressed, I had no confidence, & just felt like there had to be more to life. I also met a very attractive guy in college who I was trying to impress after my divorce, so part of that was my motivation to look better. My mind, body & spirit were not aligned at this time of my life.

I was eating terrible foods because I worked in food & beverage, so I was constantly eating fried foods, desserts, & consuming alcohol. So, I decided to change what I was eating, cut my portions in half, & added a fruit or vegetable to each meal. I also started doing an at home workout DVD because I was too embarrassed to workout at the gym & didn’t know what to do. You’ll see in a minute that even though I was taking care of my body, my mind, body, & spirit were still out of balance.

After making these changes, I lost 30 lbs during my senior year of college in 2009. However, I continued drinking all the time & my relationship with the attractive guy from college wasn’t going that well. Then I graduated college & was in the real world at a full-time “grown up” job, so my partying had to stop. I moved in with a roommate who was also losing weight, so I started running with her. My mind, body, & spirit were still not aligned, even though I started taking care of my body.

I then lost another 30 lbs after eliminating alcohol in 2010, incorporating a variety of workouts, & improving my nutrition even more by eating healthy every day. I ended up going through a bad break up with her boyfriend after a couple of years. This is what started the process of aligning my mind, body, & spirit. You can see below what I looked like in 2009 to what I look like today in July of 2013. Body Mind Spirit1 Mind, Body and Spirit: The Perfect Trinity For A Healthy Body Image


Although my body was healthy, my mind & soul were not. I was not happy, confident, or close to God. I hit rock bottom in 2011 & was at a very depressed state, so I decided to start attending church more often. I then got baptized again, joined a life group, started volunteering at church & in the community, & reading my Bible & praying daily. Now that I had a healthier body, I was finally learning how to align my mind, body, & spirit to have a healthy body image.

I then learned towards the end of 2012 about having a relationship with God & living like Jesus. God then helped me to become more confident & happy with myself as a single woman. I had never been single before & felt like I couldn’t live without having a significant other. But, I began to realize all I needed was Jesus in her life & I fell in love with Him. At last my mind, body, & spirit were aligned because I learned about how God viewed me.

I am so passionate about helping others realize that the body, mind, & soul all work together. I know that there are so many women out there who are struggling, dark, & depressed like I was before. God has revealed that He is going to use me to help others through those same struggles to change their entire life. I want to change the world one life at a time by teaching women how to align their mind, body, & spirit.

He helped transform my life from being dark, disrespectful, depressed, and overweight to positive, caring, happy, and healthy. You can also align your mind, body, & spirit, which is the perfect trinity for a healthy body image. Learn to view yourself as God views you. If you ever have trouble figuring that out just remember this Bible verse which always gives me encouragement,

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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Easy Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can sometimes seem so challenging that you just don’t know where to start. I just want you to know that you’re not alone, I felt that way half of my life. I tried so many different fad diets & none of them worked. Pills, formulas, nasty Slim Fast shakes, you name it, I tried it. Then I started applying a couple easy weight loss tips & the weight started falling off!

But, where do I begin? You may be feeling, “ I will never get this weight off.”

In today’s video I wanted to address two easy weight loss tips that you can apply right away to see the scale go down. This is proven to be effective. I lost 60 lbs a few years ago & have kept it off since then.

So let’s watch today’s message on easy weight loss tips you can start applying NOW.

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photo Easy Weight Loss Tips

My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Beachbody Workout My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

My favorite Beachbody workout for women would BY FAR be Chalean Extreme. I have several reasons why this program is my absolutely favorite:

  1. You’re lifting weights & building muscle so that you burn more fat
  2. Your metabolism will speed up due to the extra muscle
  3. Chalene Johnson (the trainer pictured above) is super bubbly & energetic & makes the workouts so much fun
  4. The workouts are no longer than 45 minutes, most around 35 minutes a day
  5. The nutrition program that accompanies the program will help you get healthy & achieve the best possible results
  6. This workout made me actually LOVE working out – I used to loathe working out, even after losing 60 lbs.
  7. I can eat more food, who doesn’t love that?!

As you can see, there are so many reasons to love this program & I recommend it to all my friends. This is my favorite Beachbody workout for women because gaining muscle will literally change your life. You will feel so empowered after each workout because you’ll find that you can lift a lot heavier than what you ever thought. Lifting weights isn’t just for guys & it doesn’t bulk you up. You’ll actually be leaner & more toned by lifting weights. Cardio alone cannot give you those results.

I wanted to share my story of Chalean Extreme & why it is my favorite Beachbody workout for women. I just competed my second round a couple of weeks ago. When I first became a coach I did this program, but my nutrition wasn’t in order. I didn’t really have any results & pretty much stayed the same. Since then, I’ve tried P90X, the Ultimate Reset, & Turbo Fire. But, I was honestly shying away from lifting weights because I knew that muscle weighed more than fat & the scale would go up. Here’s my transformation from a few years ago to today.

Favorite Beachbody Workout for Women My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Since I’ve lost 60 lbs a couple years ago, the scale has been a mental battle for me. I’ve always known that muscle would make me weigh more & always wanted to be toned, but I didn’t want that scale to budge so I was literally living so unhealthy. I was eating 1200 calories a day & doing nothing but cardio workouts. I was still in the “weight loss mentality” & it became very dangerous. I hadn’t yet discovered my favorite Beachbody workout.

Then one day one of my close friends told me that I needed to get over this & stop being unhealthy. So he helped me realize that I needed to start eating 1800 calories a day. I became so tired of having cellulite & flab, so I knew I had to accept this & just do it. So, I started doing Chalean Extreme to lift heavy weights. I discovered what clean eating was all about & started fueling my body with proper nutrition. This is what I looked like prior to starting my hybrid of Chalean Extreme & Brazil Butt Lift & then also my after.

Chalean Extreme My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Oh and I now am toned & have MUSCLES! icon smile My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Favorite Beachbody Workout My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

Doing this program has literally changed my life! It is totally my favorite Beachbody workout for women because everyone deserves to feel this way! I’m finally now happy with the way that I look.  I feel confident for once in my life, I’m empowered & feel so strong, & I feel so much happier & healthier every day. I hadn’t weighed myself the past couple of months & actually hid the scale because I knew it’d go up. I weighed myself Monday when I started T25 & discovered I’ve actually gained weight. I was emotional for a few minutes, but you know what? I’m okay with it. I look better than I’ve ever looked, I’m toned, have muscles, & feel happy. So I’m not going to let a number on the scale define me or my happiness!

So this my friends is why Chalean Extreme is my favorite Beachbody workout for women. If you’re like me & you’ve struggled with self-confidence your whole life, this workout is for you. If you’re ready to get empowered, feel strong, & love your life let me know! I host challenges all month that would be perfect to help you achieve your goals! Just head over here & let me know! icon smile My Favorite Beachbody Workout For Women

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Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

Beachbody Coach Summit  Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

As most of you may know from how I’ve been raving about the Beachbody Coach Summit 2013, I literally had a life changing experience! The picture above is a photo opportunity I earned with our amazing CEO Carl Daikeler. And if you don’t know have a clue what I’m talking about, I’m a Beachbody Coach & I just got back from our annual conference in Vegas, the Beachbody Coach Summit.

I became a Beachbody Coach in May of last year, but wasn’t really committed until October. Fast forward to today and I’ve now quit my full-time job at the age of 25. I didn’t think it would ever be possible, that I could ever be like one of those successful coaches that I heard talking about quitting their full-time jobs. I now get to make my own schedule & work from home. I am almost completely debt free. It has been a life changing journey so far going in to just one year as a coach. I have helped change hundreds of lives. THAT is what gets me out of bed every morning & puts that fire in my belly.

Now that you know a little about my story as a coach, I can get on about  the Beachbody Coach Summit icon smile Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life I arrived in Vegas last Thursday & flew in with one of my coaches I mentor, Whitney (see our picture below). We actually met through Beachbody, she was a customer assigned to me & we had never met in person before. I have seen so many amazing changes in not just her coaching business, but also her personal life since I’ve become her mentor. She’s lost over 30 lbs, gotten a promotion, & has increased her business tenfold this month. I’m so proud of her! It was our first time meeting &  I just love her to pieces! We checked in to the MGM Grand, where the conference was, & the life changing experiences started happening icon smile Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

photo 1 Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

Anyway, after checking in at the hotel we met a bunch of the girls on our team at the pool, around 25 of us went. We spent some time in the sun & then headed to the opening session. Carl Daikeler flew in on cables, he’s so funny! Then we got to hear some amazing success stories from the top elite coaches, new product information, & celebrate together. This was followed by the White Party, which we qualified for since we achieved Success Club consecutively. It was great music, tons of fun, yummy food, & lots of dancing!

Friday then started out with a workout with the trainers from Les Mills Combat at 5:30AM & then another workout with Sagi Kalev from Body Beast directly after that. Once we finished working out we headed to the personal development workshops with the top elite coaches & learned about how to grow our business this year. After that around 5:30PM we did another workout, this time we tried out T25 with Shaun T & it was absolutely AMAZING! I thought I was in good shape & didn’t feel like that after trying it! So, I decided to make it my next program! icon smile Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life Then a big group of us went on a party bus & toured Vegas!

Saturday started early again around the same time, but this time we did the super workout on the Vegas strip with all the celebrity trainers. We got to workout with the Combat trainers, the Brazil Butt Lift trainer, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, & Tony Horton. We even got a photo with Chalene (below – my head is to the far left & is half cut off, but it’s okay) after the workout! Our day was chock full of more amazing personal development that will change my life & my business.

photo 3 Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

Then the night ended with the Beachbody Challenge winners, which was a total tear jerker hearing these transformation stories! Andy lost 221 lbs. & won $100,000 for his transformation using Beachbody workouts & Shakeology, check out his story - The top 10 coaches of 2012 were then recognized & we ended with a bang at the closing party. This was a lot more fun, dancing, great music, & a wonderful time with a community of positive like-minded people.

This experience was so life changing to me just because of the experiences during this trip. I was able to be around 7,000 other positive people who have the same mission in life as I do: to help others lead a healthy & fulfilling life. I absolutely loved having fun at the live workouts & at the parties! I love the fact that we are all on a mission to help people & the competitive part of me loves the fact that when I’m in the Top 10 next year & Top Coach 2015 that I will be on stage & be recognized in front of thousands of people.

I just KNOW that I will achieve those goals because all of the other top elite coaches started just like me – their first paycheck was only $38 when they first started! Believe it or not, that’s the exact amount of my first paycheck one year ago. I wrote all of this out to just share with you in hopes that I can help change your life. If you read about how my life used to look just a few months ago, you’ll see that anything is possible. Coaching has literally changed my entire life & I now have a life of freedom & happiness & love helping others achieve the same!

photo 2 Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

If you’re ready to change your life & have thought about coaching, but you’re just not sure if it’s for you I so understand. It took me a couple months before I decided. It’s a big decision & a lot to think about. But, I will tell you my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. This is the only job out there where you can work part-time but earn way more than a full-time income. I’m well on the way of earning a six figure income & know that since I’m committed & consistent with helping others that it’ll happen. How many other jobs allow you to do this & love what you’re doing? If you’re ready to join, I encourage you to read about how to join my team. I can’t wait to help change your life! icon smile Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Changed My Life

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What Exactly is Coach Summit 2013?

Summit What Exactly is Coach Summit 2013?

Many of you have asked me this week “what is Coach Summit 2013?” since I keep talking about it. Well, to sum it up – it’s an amazing & absolutely life changing experience! I figured I would write a blog post on exactly what it is & what I do.

So, I decided to become a coach because one of my co-workers, Lindsey, at the university I was working at full-time kept posting on Facebook about helping people lose weight. I thought, “wow, I want to help people, too. I know just how much of a struggle it is to lose weight.” I talked to Lindsey & decided to start as a coach with Chalean Extreme & Shakeology. That is where my coaching journey started.

I struggled at first because of my lack of self-confidence, I was afraid to talk to people about Beachbody, & I didn’t know if it was God’s will for my life. I prayed for a long time for God to reveal to me what He wanted me to do & had an emotional break down one day telling Him I couldn’t do it without Him. So, I knew if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t His will for my life.

Then God make it very clear to me that coaching was exactly what He wanted me to do with my life. He helped improve my self-confidence, I began sharing with more people, & realized how passionate I was with helping others achieve their goals. Coaching is what I breathe, eat, & sleep, but I also had a full-time job at the university still.

God spoke to me one morning & told me it was time to quit my full-time job since He helped my business grow. I was so scared, but I knew that I had to step out on faith & just trust & know that He would provide no matter what. I cannot tell you how many times a day since I made that decision last month God has revealed to me that I am following His will & that I made the right decision.

I didn’t think it would ever be possible, that I could ever be like one of those successful coaches that I heard talking about quitting their full-time jobs. But trust me, no prior experience to being a business owner or fitness professional like so many think is required.

In April, at the age of 25, I quit my full-time job as I mentioned above. I now get to make my own schedule & work from home. I am almost completely debt free. It has been a life changing journey so far going in to just one year as a coach. I have helped change hundreds of lives. THAT is what gets me out of bed every morning & puts that fire in my belly.

Coach Summit What Exactly is Coach Summit 2013?

So what is Coach Summit 2013? It is our annual conference & we will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I will be with 7,000 other coaches & surrounded by a community of positive like minded people. I will be getting up to workout at 5AM daily & multiple times a day with celebrity trainers like Shaun T & Chalene Johnson, a photo opp with CEO Carl Daikeler that I earned, tons of workshops on personal development, lots of fab parties, time with my team, & an overall life changing EPIC experience!!! How many other companies do you know that throws on such an amazing annual conference? I’m so blessed, praise God! I really think He designed this job just for me. And most importantly we are all working towards ending the trend & helping this country get healthy!!!!

If you want to read more about it, here’s a link -

Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

Thoughts Control You1 Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

Do you feel like your emotions are completely controlling you? I’ve been there before & I still struggle with it to this day. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you’ve seen my posts this week about my workouts. If I didn’t know better, I would let my emotions control me.  I haven’t felt like doing them, but I’ve pushed through & done it any way & felt amazing afterwards. There’s been days where I haven’t felt like getting up when my alarm goes off because I’m just so comfy. But, I know I have to if I want to achieve the goals I set out for myself this year.

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I am so blessed to have found my true passion in life. Yes, that makes it a little easier to get motivated. But, honestly not all the time! It has not been easy getting where I am now. God took me through many hard times & struggles to get there, but now I can understand why I went through everything. If I would’ve never been 200 lbs half my life, gone through a terrible divorce, & worked at a job that was not suited for me & made me depressed, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I was letting my emotions totally take control of me.

We are all guilty of letting our emotions run our life at times. Our emotions control a lot of decisions we make on a daily basis. Do you ever feel too sore to go for a run so you convince yourself to take a day off? How about feeling like you’re too afraid to go after a certain goal because people may judge you, so you just don’t do anything? What about feeling like you’re not good enough to achieve a certain goal or you can’t do it like someone else did because you’re not like them, so you don’t ever live up to your full potential? Maybe you don’t feel like quitting smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or giving up bad foods because you just don’t know how you’ll live without them? Or how about the classic, you don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal so instead you go to the drive thru?

We’ve all been there friends! This was seriously me my whole life! I always let my emotions control me. I never thought that my life would look the way it does now, even if you would’ve asked me 60 days ago, I would’ve had no clue!

So, I can truly relate to others when they’re struggling through hard times in life because I know exactly how it feels. You may think that my life now doesn’t include any struggles, but you’re completely wrong. I have days where I don’t want to workout & make excuses in my head of why I shouldn’t do it, I don’t always eat perfectly & occasionally have a horrible eating day, & I still struggle with negative & toxic thoughts on occasion. I have days where my emotions seriously control me & I don’t do my best.

Becoming a coach & being a part of our challenge groups & a community of amazing like minded people is what has changed my entire life. Being in that community has caused me to not let my emotions control me anymore. I may have lost 60 lbs before I became a coach, but it’s not easy staying motivated on your own. It’s a total life changer having a community of positive like-minded people who also have goals & will help you achieve them.

And speaking of fitness, I absolutely love this saying, “Good things come to those who get off their butts, work hard, & never give up.” That is so true! Sometimes we may not feel like doing or workout, but keep your goals and your “why” in mind. Don’t forget them!! ☺We cannot let our emotions control our entire life!

My 12 Day Challenge just ended & almost all of my clients lost around 8 pounds! They stopped letting their emotions control their daily decisions about health & fitness. They are full of ENERGY, thanking me for pushing them to get started, saying they love what they learned during the challenge, & they now feel motivated & excited to exercise & eat healthy. Check out this quick video I created about what exactly a 12 Day Challenge is & how it can work for you:

Weight Loss Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

Being a coach has seriously changed my life! I absolutely love it!! I am so glad that God helped me overcome so much & that my emotions do not control me anymore. I get to help people achieve their health & fitness goals through motivation, inspiration, & encouragement. I am an accountability partner because it is always easier to achieve your goals & stick to your plan when you have someone right there by your side checking in on you. Many of my friends have health & fitness goals & I check in with them daily to see how they’re doing & see if they need anything.

I am so blessed to be a part of this & it touches my heart to hear this amazing feedback. This is what I do ya’ll – I’m helping CHANGE LIVES! So are you ready to change yours? Are you sick & tired of letting your emotions control you? This is my passion ya’ll – I want to help YOU! I’d love to have you in my next challenge – why wait?! ♥