Ready to Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined? How I Retired At 25

Dream Big Ready to Live the Life Youve Always Imagined? How I Retired At 25

I cannot even begin to tell you how very excited I am to share this with you today. I know that it is going to set so many people free. I pray that I will be able to help you on your new journey of a life of freedom.

Just a month & a half ago I was working at a full-time job that was high stress, demanding, I wasn’t using my spiritual gifts that God put in me, & I was on call 24-7 so I couldn’t leave the city I was living in. I got one to two weekends off a month & could leave the city then if my schedule permitted. I also lived on site with the students (as a requirement of my job) in an apartment that was owned by the college.

I was honestly drowning in feelings of emptiness, knowing there was more to life, & I felt like I didn’t have a life. I didn’t get to see my family often, I barely had time for my friends, I didn’t even have time to do the things I enjoyed.

I was drowning in debts I needed to pay off & wasn’t taking care of my own health as I should have been. I didn’t feel like I would ever be able to truly enjoy life & true happiness. I had no self-confidence & didn’t know what God wanted me to do with my life.

Towards the end of last year, I decided to become a Beachbody Coach because one of my co-workers had also started helping others lose weight. I struggled at first because of my lack of self-confidence, I was afraid to talk to people about Beachbody, & I didn’t know if it was God’s will for my life. I prayed for a long time for God to reveal to me what He wanted me to do & had an emotional break down one day telling Him I couldn’t do it without Him. So, I knew if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t His will for my life.

Then God make it very clear to me that coaching was exactly what He wanted me to do with my life. He helped improve my self-confidence, I began sharing with more people, & realized how passionate I was with helping others achieve their goals. Coaching is what I breathe, eat, & sleep, but I also had a full-time job at the university still. Then God spoke to me one morning & told me it was time to quit my full-time job since He helped my business grow.

As I mentioned, it has been a month & a half since I quit & I am now living the life that I have always dreamed about. I only work 20 hours a week, my income has doubled, I can work whatever hours I want to work, I have time to see my family, spend with my friends, travel whenever I want, enjoy the beautiful outdoors & sunshine.  I just traveled to Pittsburgh for a life changing conference & just got back from Charlotte as well. Here’s how my life looks now.

Freedom Ready to Live the Life Youve Always Imagined? How I Retired At 25

I have also grown my team & increased the number of coaches I’m mentoring to teach them how to be successful & help others as well. I have the time to give them personalized one-on-one attention & it feels amazing. I’m living a life of freedom! Most importantly I’ve become closer to my God & Savior!

I also wasn’t sure where I wanted to live & God led me to this amazing apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina. The apartments are brand new & right in the heart of uptown (the Panther’s stadium is right across from me). I will be able to walk anywhere I want to, shop at healthy grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, enjoy healthy restaurants, go to the mountains, white water rafting, go to the lakes, & BEST OF ALL join Elevation Church which is within walking distance of my apartment!!!

AND if I move in August, I get TWO MONTHS of rent FREE! So, my move-in date is August 1st. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Here is what my new place looks like!

Retired at 25 Ready to Live the Life Youve Always Imagined? How I Retired At 25

So, like I said, I didn’t think it would ever be possible, that I could ever be like one of those successful coaches that I heard talking about quitting their full-time jobs. But trust me, no prior experience to being a business owner or fitness professional like so many think is required.

I want to help you realize that right now you have the opportunity to say “no more” to that life. You deserve the absolute best – God wants to bless you & He wants you to be happy. You deserve the level of accountability that you get as a coach that will help take you to the next level in your life. You deserve to have a community of positive, like-minded people who will encourage, motivate, & inspire you to achieve all of your goals & have your back no matter what.

Coaching is about more then just fitness. It is about finding a new life for you & your family. It is not too good to be true. It is real & I’m the living proof.
Don’t wait a second longer to start your journey transforming your life & following God’s will for your life!


Remember to always love yourself,

Jess <3