Quick Confidence – How to Boost Self Esteem

quick confidence Quick Confidence   How to Boost Self Esteem

Today I felt in my heart to share a topic with ya’ll that I struggle with myself in hopes that it’ll help others. After being overweight half my life, self confidence is something that I have battled with. I am my own worst enemy & own worst critic. I guess that’s what we do as females! But today, I wanted to give you some tips on quick confidence – how to boost self esteem.

  1. Sit up straight. Slouchers tend to not have as positive of thoughts.
  2. Smell pretty. Research shows that women who wear perfume feel more confident.
  3. Be superstitious. Weird right? Good luck charms can actually help you perform better!
  4. Nod your head. When you are listening to someone, nod. It heightens your belief in what you’re hearing.
  5. Flirt. Smile, laugh, & engage with others.
  6. Pump yourself up. Shake your body & move around!
  7. Strike a pose. You’ll have more confidence than standing with your arms crossed.
  8. Focus on your breathe. Just for 10 minutes. It helps with self acceptance.
  9. Grab a cup of coffee. It increases alertness, energy, & confidence.
  10. Get a workout in! Just 20 minutes will boost your mood. You can even walk!
  11. Put together a toolbox. Include reminders or photos of proof that you can be bold, a photo of those closest to you, a token of improvement, just to name a few.

I really hope these suggestions help you with develop quick confidence – how to boost self esteem!

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As always, don’t forget to love yourself!


Jess <3