8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

boost confidence 8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


I know that as a female, we tend to struggle with self confidence issues. I know from personal experience & being overweight (60 lbs heavier than now) half my life definitely destroyed any confidence I did have before I gained it. I have really been working hard lately to get that confidence back though! So I want to help you do the same. Today I have 8 ways to boost your confidence that you can start doing right away!

1. Stop looking on social media & comparing yourself to models. The average size woman in this country is a size 14. Models are a size 0. Enough said.

2.  Love your own photos. Instead of picking out what you don’t like about yourself in a photo, look at what you do like. No, LOVE! Your smile, your cute outfit, your shiny hair, whatever it may be. Focus on that, not what you don’t like.

3. Lift others up. Instead of gossiping about others & making them feel down, lift them up! It will give you a boost, too!

4. Move in a way that you love. Find a workout that makes your body feel good. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s yoga. Switch it up, every day doesn’t have to be the same. Just make sure you enjoy it. 

5. Don’t talk “fat” with your friends. It will influence your own opinion of your body. So instead lift each other up & work towards your goals together! Focus on the good.

6. Push yourself harder. Don’t wait till you make another huge goal, like running a marathon. Start now! At your regular zumba class, just try a little harder. Do your push-ups in your next workout with a little more intensity & effort. Every little bit counts.

7. Try out Yoga or PiYo. This type of movement helps relieve stress & in result helps you have a more positive self body image & esteem. (If you want to try out PiYo, just message me on Facebook  & I am happy to help!)

8. Start a blog. Start sharing your story with others. Share your feelings, get them out. Getting those feeling out will attract others to you feeling the same way & having someone else to go through it with you makes you feel empowered! Take it from someone who has many struggles that shares openly (me!), it helps to have others in a community with you.

I really hope these 8 ways to boost your confidence helps you out! If you ever need advice, have health & fitness questions, need prayer, or would like to join one of my support &  accountability groups don’t ever hesitate to reach out! Always here to help!