Need to Re-Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

Stressed Out Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!


Life can be very busy – in this day & age it seems like we are all running around all the time. But, in order to stay balanced, you have to make relaxation & taking care of yourself a priority.

I try my hardest to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so stress is something that I try to eliminate from my life. My job right now as a Beachbody Coach is luckily extremely flexible, but I stay busy constantly between traveling, spending time with family & friends, & mentoring my clients & team. I also had a job at a university that was extremely busy & fast paced. I was doing this job (40+ hours a week), coaching, volunteering at church, & trying to have a life as well. So I know just how busy looks!

Stress was something that impacted my life when I first started working at the university right out of college myself. I have learned over the past few years how to manage my stress levels so that the other areas of my life are not impacted. I have to ensure that I continue to take the steps towards being less stressed. I have so much going on, so it is super important for me to treat my body like a temple so that I can be the best for God’s kingdom.

Here are my tips with how to deal with stress:

1. Prioritize. It is critical to do this because there are so many hours in a day to get your job done. You can’t do everything you want do in one day unfortunately. Unless you’re Superman  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life! Make a list of what you need to do that day, that week, next week, that month, & so on & so forth. Then prioritize what’s most important. This will help take of some of the pressure you’re feeling when you realize not everything has to be completed in one day.

2. Just breathe. Take it one minute, hour, day at a time. Don’t think about everything else that must be done – deal with what is in the moment. When you prioritize, you will know what needs to be done & when.

3. Be happy. Take a moment each day to laugh, talk to a coworker or friend, or read something that makes you happy. You have to break up your day a little bit so that you don’t lose your sanity. I have a close working relationship with my clients & team. I always laugh & have a good time – happiness is contagious, too  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

4. Find balance. You must have a balance between your professional & personal life. Don’t take your work home unless it is an absolute must. Don’t stress or think about work while you’re not there unless something urgent comes up.

5. Be healthy. Make sure you get enough sleep first & foremost! This will help you stay focused each day. Exercise & a healthy diet will also help you feel energized & motivated each day.

6. Have a purpose. We all have a purpose here in life – know what yours is & make sure you’re striving towards it each day. I feel that my purpose is helping others. I absolutely love my job & wake up & jump out of bed each day because my purpose is to change my clients’  & coaches’ lives.

And of course I always incorporate God in everything that I do! If I’m feeling extremely stressed & unbalanced I go to God’s word. This Bible verse gives me peace -

Stress Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life!

So overall, be happy, healthy, & live out your purpose! Stress is not something fun to deal with & now you don’t have to!  Need to Re Energize? 6 Tips to a Balanced Life! Don’t wait to change your life today – you only get once chance at it!

Eating To Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

Foods for Weight Loss Eating To Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

As I mentioned earlier this week, I struggled half my life with being overweight. I was tired of feeling like I was drowning because of my unhappiness with my body image. Being overweight was truly affecting all areas of my life. I finally figured out how to lose weight & what foods to eat to lose weight.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard that your results are 80% nutrition & 20% exercise, but it couldn’t be more than true. I was eating fried foods, desserts, huge portions, & drinking alcohol daily. Looking back knowing what I do about calories, I would say I was eating at least 5,000 calories a day when I was in college. I definitely was not eating the right foods to lose weight.

I was working in food & beverage & kept giving myself excuses that it was too hard to lose weight because of my surroundings. But, I knew that I had to get over that if I wanted to truly change. As you know, I started by cutting my portions in half which immediately decreased my calories. My weight loss started happening quickly since I was pairing it with a home workout DVD.

Quick Weight Loss Eating To Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

Then I began to learn more about what eating healthy was & what foods specifically to eat to lose weight. Here are a few key things you’ll want to do when making healthy choices:

  1. Eat lean proteins at each meal (eggs, egg whites, turkey, chicken, fish, pork tenderloin, lean ground beef)
  2. Eat a vegetable with every meal (there are so many options, but my favorites include zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, & asparagus)
  3. Eat healthy carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole wheats, beans)
  4. Eliminate foods that are fried, full of sugar, & anything made from white flour

I promise if you apply just these four steps to your nutrition, you will start to lose weight fast. There are specific foods that you can eat to lose weight that will help you get in shape & also give you those abs you’re wanting for summer. I’ve been learning a lot more about these foods myself in the last two months & have had great results. I will share those in my post next week, as well as some cooking tips & ideas.

So if you’re wanting to get in shape, lose weight fast, & eat the right foods to lose weight, you’ve come to the right place. I will break it down & make it easy for you by sharing with you step by step of exactly what I’ve done & what I’m still learning.

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Don’t forget to always love yourself friends!


The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

Easy Weight Loss The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It


I have a very exciting subject to share with y’all today! I tried so many different diets when I was trying to lose weight. You name it, I tried it! I was so sick of struggling to get in shape & lose weight.

I’ve shared with you  that I lost 60 lbs after being overweight half my life & have kept it off for the past few years. I want to share with y’all today exactly how I did that so that I can help each & every one of you do the same!  The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

I want to share some reminders first of all and then I will share some action steps that you can start doing right away.

  • It is not a diet – it is a lifestyle change
  • It will not be easy every day – but it is worth it & will get easier
  • Any fad diet will not give you long-term or lasting results
  • You will not be healthy if you exercise but eat crappy
  • Don’t be your own biggest obstacle – stop giving yourself excuses & just do it

These were all things that were very difficult for me to accept, but once I did it has changed my whole life. You truly have to remember each of these things every day. We all get off track & that’s okay. But, try to remember these things to help you stay on track on the tough days  The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

You will lose weight fast if you focus on small steps & the right foods to lose weight. Here are a few things you can start doing right away.

  1. Cut your portions in half
  2. Add a fruit or vegetable to each meal
  3. Start exercising a little bit today – just try 20 minutes of light cardio (walking works)
  4. Get rid of anything in your kitchen that will sabotage your diet
  5. Find a success partner – check in with this person each day

I will share more tips later this week to help you lose weight quick! If you found these tips useful, will you please share this & tweet it so that I can help others, too?  The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

Lose Weight Fast The Easy Way to Lose Weight: It’s All In How You Do It

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Your Fitness and Your Faith: What The Bible Says About Health

Your Body is a Temple Your Fitness and Your Faith: What The Bible Says About Health

I never knew what the Bible said about health and could care less about following what it said or about losing weight (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). 

I spent most of my life being overweight and unhappy. I didn’t workout or exercise and I had no idea about getting in shape or anything related to fitness. I struggled with a body image disorder even after losing weight. So I want you to know that we all struggle from time to time. Let me share my journey with you on how I lost weight and how God transformed my entire life.

I have always believed in God my entire life, but I never had a relationship with Him or even knew what that meant.

I was forced to go to church when I was younger and I did not understand anything about it. My parents finally stopped making us go once I got to high school and I never went back to church until I was 21 years old.

When I was in college, I was very far away from God and my lifestyle reflected that (1 Corinthians 10:31).

I actually started dating someone who was in the military when I was 18 years old and we were engaged within 6 months of dating.

I got married at 19 years old and divorced by the time I was 20 years old.

Once we got married and moved in together, it completely tore us apart.

We did not know each other well enough and we rushed in to something that should be taken very seriously. I was in to partying back then, and my ex husband had a drinking problem. We tried to go to marriage counseling to mend our relationship because we continuously argued.

The counseling did not help us and I could not handle the emotional abuse anymore (2 Peter 1:5-6). 

I consulted with my mom because I knew that God was against divorce. But, there were times when my ex husband and I got in to arguments and it almost turned in to physical abuse. With the help of my parents, I decided that it would be best to go through with the divorce.

After my divorce was finalized, I started dating someone quickly after.

We met in college. Dating this person helped me become more confident in myself because he treated me completely different than my ex husband. That confidence helped me to quit smoking cigarettes (I smoked a pack a day) and made me want to take care of my body. I lost 60 lbs by starting to eat healthier and doing home workouts. Even though I lost weight, I was still not confident and had a body image disorder because I still felt like I was fat.

This was the first stage of becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.

Things started to become very serious with my boyfriend. I moved to another state after graduating college, but we decided to stay together. We only saw each other on the weekends, but we grew closer and closer.

We talked about getting engaged and married some day.

However, our relationship didn’t really seem to be moving forward. We were living in two different cities and that caused us to argue because we were so unhappy with not being able to see each other often.

My unhealthy relationship affected every other area of my life (1 Corinthians 3:17). 

I couldn’t see my life without him, so I decided to keep trying for a while. One day I decided that after three and a half years together, I could not go on being so unhappy. I loved him a lot and didn’t think I could survive by myself being single because I had never really done that before. We had many differences and I had recently started going to church again and wanted to get more involved, but we didn’t see eye to eye on that.

I decided to end things with him, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done emotionally, even harder than my divorce.

We continued talking back and forth for a few months after the break up, which wasn’t helping me move on. I still also had a body image disorder and struggled with my self-esteem. But, I had started going to church more often after our break up. Then I ended up recommitting my life to Christ again and got baptized.  Once I made this decision, God literally helped me change everything about my life.

This is when the other stages of becoming a Proverbs 31 came to fruition. 

I finally started to have more confidence from losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.

But, I was not mentally or spiritually healthy. God gave me the strength and courage to join a Bible study with a group of women I didn’t know. He also gave me the courage to start volunteering at church and in the community. This is where God truly transformed me mentally and spiritually.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Your Fitness and Your Faith: What The Bible Says About Health

I began to read the Bible, pray, and learned what having a relationship with God really meant (1 Corinthians 9:27).

I stopped being so afraid to go outside of my comfort zone and meet new people. I started coming out of the depression from my break up. I met so many amazing people who impacted my life and helped me grow to where I am now healthy mentally and spiritually.

A divorce and break up from a long-term boyfriend were extremely hard situations to go through (Philippians 4:13).

But, I would not be who I am now if it weren’t for these situations. I never thought I would be able to say that I ran a half marathon, got my Master’s degree, went on a mission trip to Poland, and become a health and fitness coach to help others achieve their goals.

I am now living by myself with my two kitties, and enjoy being single.

I am healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically, and I am working on becoming the best woman I can for God and His kingdom.


I wanted to share this with you in hopes that it will just touch one of you and help you in some way. I still struggle sometimes, you’re not alone.


Comment below and share what you’re going to do to inspire or encourage others today! : )