Learn to Love Yourself

learn to love yourself1 Learn to Love Yourself

It seriously breaks my heart to see so many women out there struggling with self confidence, self love, hating what they see when they look in the mirror, & not seeing themselves how God sees them. Why? Because I have a heart for others & THAT WAS ME! I know how it feels & it is painful every day.

I still have my struggles, but God has taken me so far & I am so thankful. Because of that I want to help AS MANY WOMEN as possible to completely turn around their life. The body, mind, & soul all work together & if one is off everything will be. Take it from someone who knows VERY WELL!!

I remember back during my days of being 60 lbs heavier, getting drunk every night, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, eating terrible food, being promiscuous how I felt & I did all of those things to fill a VOID because I felt so EMPTY! Then God came in & turned it all around & has helped me get to where I am now. But, up until recently I truly did not learn to love myself.

I would constantly beat myself up (still working on it), didn’t value myself, didn’t see my own worth, still hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. But then God started showing me how HE sees me & THAT is what is most important! God will give you SO MUCH LOVE & teach you how to love YOU. Once you have that, your life will not feel empty anymore & you will be SO HAPPY all the time (well, you’ll still have a few moments but not as many haha).

With that being said, I want to remind you that my Body Mind Soul Fitness Challenge will be starting on September 29th! I am accepting 10 very special ladies & still have a few spots left! Cannot WAIT to renew our bodies, minds, & souls TOGETHER, learn to love ourselves, gain confidence, & feel on TOP OF THE WORLD!!! <3

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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

change is hard How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Happy Monday! So, yesterday I shared a long motivational rant that was inspired by the sermon at church. It’s about how to overcome negative thoughts. We all deal with them; but true change happens when your WHY becomes bigger than your excuses.

What do I mean by that?

The sermon at church  got me thinking & for the first time EVER, I worked out on my rest day.  (Yes, I fully believe in taking one day off & this is not something I’m always gonna do, just keep reading k?  Or don’t, that’s okay too.)  Pastor Steven talked about all the thoughts we have in our heads every day as humans & that 80% of them are negative thoughts.  WHA?!  He was talking about how we have to take all those thoughts captive & replace them with words from God & not let the enemy win. 

So here was my thought process & a bit about what was going on with me.  I didn’t get much sleep Friday night & yesterday I was completely motivated to organize my entire life & business & make myself a schedule (tots out of my comfort zone since I quit my full-time job).  BUT I took 12 hours yesterday to do what I had to do even though I was exhausted – because my WHY was bigger than my excuses.  I want so badly to give away more money than I earn to help others & to be the best me for for my team & clients, so I had to get my crap together.  My WHY pushed me to overcome these thoughts:

“I’m so exhausted I just wanna lay in bed all day.”
“I don’t even want to workout because I will be even more tired.”
“I hate sticking to schedules because it makes me feel overwhelmed.”
“I love being organized but hate organizing stuff.”
“This is too damn hard I don’t feel like this today.”

Just to name a few.  But I pushed through & got it done & am so happy I did! That is how to overcome negative thoughts. Then I drank some wine Saturday night, which takes us to why I worked out yesterday.  I am a bit high strung when I’m excited or passionate about something & I couldn’t turn off my mind last night so I enjoyed some red wine.  I don’t usually drink because it doesn’t help my goals, but I gave in because I’m human.

So I woke up yesterday still feeling all kinds of tired & took a long nap , but I felt icky from the wine so I decided to do a Shakeology (low calorie) cleanse for one day. I knew I wanted to burn off the extra calories I consumed but here’s what was going through my head…

“I wanna stay in bed the rest of the day.”
“I’m just going to have to deal with the fact that I’m fluffy & feel like crap because I don’t have enough energy to workout & haven’t consumed enough calories.”
“It’s my rest day, so I should be lazy.”

Just to name a few…  But again my WHY was bigger than my excuses – I want to FEEL my best & healthiest & treat my body like a temple.  So I crushed it & burned almost 900 calories! That’s how to overcome negative thoughts. 

Normally on Sunday nights since it’s my day off, I would go do something unproductive & maybe watch some mindless TV (don’t usually watch it anymore but NCIS is my guilty pleasure).  But, again my WHY is pushing past those excuses – for my team, my clients, & for all those others who need my help – so I’m reading a good personal development book & filling my mind with things that will help me GROW, not keep me at a stand still.  Longest message ever, but the sermon got me motivated today & I just wanted to share what I go through to be transparent so y’all can see we all go through these things & how to overcome!  Hope this helps someone & if you read all this, you rock! 

And that’s how to overcome negative thoughts my friends!

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As always, don’t forget to love yourself!


Jess <3