Create Your Dreams

create your dreams Create Your Dreams

In honor of Transformation Tuesday, I wanted to share with you how God has transformed my life.

Because you CAN create your dreams. You CAN live the life you’ve always wanted.

I’m having a total God moment where I’m like “pinch me, is this really my life?!”

I’m standing in front of my new DREAM apartment that I’m moving to in a few weeks in South Park. It’s upstairs from Earth Fare & there’s also a yoga studio, breakfast restaurant, & a Starbucks all in the same plaza. The apartment was just updated & has beautiful granite counter tops (I’ve always wanted those). All my favorite stuff in one place?! What?!

I’m not sharing this to brag I’m sharing this to say The Lord is so amazing!! Why? Because this was my DREAM apartment that I was afraid to go look at because I kept telling myself looking from the outside that I could never afford it. But The Lord has plans to bless us all abundantly & lavish us. He wants that for us more than we do for ourselves!

What you don’t see about my journey or what you don’t know about me is all the stuff The Lord had to change in my heart to make all this happen.

- just a few years ago I was 60 lbs heavier, depressed, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, got drunk every night, & was a disrespectful nasty person

- I used to be so shy & lacked self confidence so much that I wouldn’t talk to people in public (in fact I avoided it)

- I was made fun of in high school & all my friends stopped talking to me when I gained weight

- I went through many bad relationships & even a divorce at the age of 19

- I was stuck in a rut at a job I hated that gave me no freedom, yet I settled because I was too afraid to change

- just a year ago I quit my job as the Director of Residence Life to follow my passion with my business & change lives & I was scared out of my mind (maybe the most scared I’ve ever been) but listened & trusted in The Lord

- the last year has been absolutely amazing, but the hardest year of my life

- I went through a depression when I first moved here last year, I binge ate, I stayed inside & watched TV & isolated myself because I was embarrassed to talk about my struggles

- I’ve failed so many times it isn’t even funny in my business

But The Lord had amazing plans for my life & once He changed me & my heart in so many areas, He made all of this possible. Everything I went through was for a reason. It’s developed me in to the person I’m meant to be & He is still continuing to work on me.

Every struggle I’ve had, He has turned it around. It’s all taken me to exactly where I was supposed to be. And I’m continuing to trust in Him every step I take & do everything in my life to glorify Him.

I share this story not because life is about material things or fancy places. But because I want to glorify God for all He has made happen in my life. Because none of this would be possible without Him!

Wherever you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Never give up. Create your dreams. Walk with The Lord & He will help you make all your dreams come true.

How to Design Your Life

design How to Design Your Life

Happy Monday friends! I apologize for not posting last week, but I was enjoying myself on vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise that I earned through my business. I am feeling completely refreshed & have a new found peace & perspective on life. I was reflecting a lot on the plane ride home & realized that one year ago my life was completely different. I was stuck in a job that I hated, working up to 80 hours a week at times, & had no time for anything. I knew I was meant to do something bigger & craved a change, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Now that God has helped me figure it out, I want to show you as well how to design your life.

As I said, I was so miserable in my current job & where I lived & had absolutely no time to do anything fun or spend time with the people who mattered to me. Ever since I was little I always knew that I was supposed to do something big, but I never thought it would be possible. Then I came across the coaching opportunity & it completely changed my life. This is how I learned that it is possible to live a life I’ve always dreamed of & how to design your life.

I started by writing my goals down & looking at every aspect of my life & how I wanted to spend my time. I thought about my relationships, finances, where I wanted to live, how often I wanted to travel, how much free time I wanted to have, what I would like to help people do, & so on. Then I created a dream board & set it as the background on my laptop. I used this website to create mine. This is the first step on how to design your life.

After designing my dream board, I prayed & asked for God’s help most importantly. Then I reverse engineered my goals. I took each goal & wrote down the steps of what I needed to do to achieve them & broke them down in to monthly & weekly goals. There will of course be other steps you take that you don’t know yet, but God will show you along the way. I worked with my mentor on specific actions of what I should do as well for each goal. This is the second step on how to design your life.

Then I got to work! I scheduled time every day to work on each of my goals, even if it was only a short period of time. I did have to make some sacrifices and prioritize how I was spending my time, but it was completely worth it. I was able to quit my full-time job last year & now have the time to do EVERYTHING I have ever wanted to do. Instead of working 80 hours a week, I now work 20 hours & make my own schedule. I work from home or anywhere that has WiFi; because of that I can pick wherever I want to live & have way more time to travel to see those I care about. I am doing a job that I am so fulfilled doing & love so much I would do for free.

On that note, I just HAD to share a few pictures highlighting the amazing time I had on the cruise last week!

design your life How to Design Your Life

One year ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined life would have taken me where it has today. All of the goals on my dream board I made last year, God helped me achieve them. I am of course working on my 2014 goals & dream board & some of them are already coming true. I wanted to write this today to encourage you that you CAN design your own life & live it out! You don’t have to be stuck or unhappy with what you’re doing one day longer. There IS a solution & a way out. I would be absolutely honored to mentor you & help you design your life this year. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, just shoot me a message on Facebook so we can connect.

As always, don’t forget to  love yourself!

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Jess <3