Learn to Love Yourself

learn to love yourself1 Learn to Love Yourself

It seriously breaks my heart to see so many women out there struggling with self confidence, self love, hating what they see when they look in the mirror, & not seeing themselves how God sees them. Why? Because I have a heart for others & THAT WAS ME! I know how it feels & it is painful every day.

I still have my struggles, but God has taken me so far & I am so thankful. Because of that I want to help AS MANY WOMEN as possible to completely turn around their life. The body, mind, & soul all work together & if one is off everything will be. Take it from someone who knows VERY WELL!!

I remember back during my days of being 60 lbs heavier, getting drunk every night, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, eating terrible food, being promiscuous how I felt & I did all of those things to fill a VOID because I felt so EMPTY! Then God came in & turned it all around & has helped me get to where I am now. But, up until recently I truly did not learn to love myself.

I would constantly beat myself up (still working on it), didn’t value myself, didn’t see my own worth, still hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. But then God started showing me how HE sees me & THAT is what is most important! God will give you SO MUCH LOVE & teach you how to love YOU. Once you have that, your life will not feel empty anymore & you will be SO HAPPY all the time (well, you’ll still have a few moments but not as many haha).

With that being said, I want to remind you that my Body Mind Soul Fitness Challenge will be starting on September 29th! I am accepting 10 very special ladies & still have a few spots left! Cannot WAIT to renew our bodies, minds, & souls TOGETHER, learn to love ourselves, gain confidence, & feel on TOP OF THE WORLD!!! <3

Comment below with your email or send me a message to reserve your spot <3

Who You Are: A Message to All Women

I wanted to make my post today short & sweet. I feel like all you ladies out there need to know this! This video moves me and makes me cry every time I watch it. Because YOU are loved. You are God’s amazing child & He loves you so much. He has huge plans for your life! Don’t you ever tell yourself less!

The video is called “Who You Are: A Message to All Women.” Here it is:

I hope this helps & please share away if you know someone else who needs to hear this powerful message <3