PiYo Week 3 Update

piyo PiYo Week 3 Update

Happy Tuesday loves! I hope you’re having a fantastic week! I wanted to just give you a quick PiYo Week 3 Update! I am moving to my dream apartment this week, so I may not be around as much with being busy with that. So just wanted to quickly pop in & update you!

Fridays have been rest day from PiYo & I’ve never been more sad for a rest day. These workouts make me SO happy. They pump happiness & love in to me. Before I became a coach I worked out almost every day, but that doesn’t mean I always liked it. But now I am just SO in love with doing PiYo every day! And I’ve never had this much self love before either!  I honestly feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life! Thank you Jesus!

mepiyo PiYo Week 3 Update

But, to me it’s not most important that I am loving it. My heart has just been SO FULL with the comments from my group of 25 ladies in my exclusive virtual support group. Here is just a few things they have been saying:

Rachael: I just went dress shopping today for my sisters wedding! Now I haven’t lost any weight yet an I still haven’t measured, but I found a dress and it’s a size FOUR!! Before PiYo I couldn’t even zip up a 4 and now I’m ready to rock it next month!!

Beth: I am so noticing that I’m more toned, and now that I’m sort of getting the moves right it’s a lot harder, love it!

LupitaDay 9 for me complete. I will admit all day long I gave myself every excuse in the book as to why I should skip today and do two tomorrow. But you know what…I realized that is why I never made it through TurboFire or Body Beast – because I would skip a day and it just kept adding up. 

That is why I love PiYo, it’s not long on time but it works me out. And I feel even better now after doing it than I did all morning.

piyodefine PiYo Week 3 Update


And even more exciting!!! My mom decided to join my PiYo support group with us! She has never been interested in doing a workout with me since I became a coach because she feels they’re all so intense. But, when she visited me a few weeks ago she tried it out & loved it. This just makes my heart smile even more because now she will live longer, healthier, & happier. So, that means more time I get with her. YAY!

Don’t forget to grab my free grocery list & meal plan here for those of you getting ready for PiYo. And if you’d like to join us, shoot me a quick message to get on the wait list for my August group <3

I can’t wait to help you! <3

Off to get my PiYo workout in now {favorite part of my day!!}