Take Control of Your Future

meljess Take Control of Your Future


Hey yall!!

So I know I have been super MIA. I just got back from an amazing, LIFE CHANGING Tony Robbins conference. So sorry I haven’t been around! Hope you all had an amazing Halloween!!!
I had to just tell you about something!!!

I am getting SUPER PUMPED about a live webinar called “Take Control of your Future” I am hosting with my girl Melissa Carr Monday night!
Here’s just a little bit about my story so you’ll know what we will be sharing!
What becoming a coach has afforded me:
*Quitting my full-time director level job in April 2013
*Quadrupling my income within 3 months after that & now I am earning in a week what it took me an entire month to earn in the director level job
*Moving to my dream city Charlotte last year
*Moving to my dream apartment just three months ago
*Waking up whenever I want, no alarm clocks
*Working whenever I want
*Only working 4 hours/day (yes that’s considered “full-time” coaching)
*Getting paid when I don’t actually work (worked 5 hours total the week I moved; yet made the same amount it would’ve taken me over a month to make in my full-time job working 80+ hours)
*And most importantly HELPING CHANGE LOTS OF LIVES
So, I am handing over that opportunity to 20 people because I want to help you TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE & do the same!! I am searching for some fellow entrepreneurial minded people to take control of your future & create a life of freedom!
The first 3-6 months of the internship you will learn from ME & what I do with my business so you can understand exactly how to do it too & earn $100-$300/month if you follow the training. THEN after 6-8 months of following the to-do list & training I give you consistently your pay could be around $500-$1,000 weekly.
That number will double or even triple if you continue to follow
everything consistently & after just 2 years you could be earning a 6
figure income. The CRAZY thing is, the income just keeps increasing.
To learn more specifics come hang out with us Monday night at 8PM EST, just RSVP below!
Spots are limited & we will have a super fun giveaway for all those who join live!! http://tinyurl.com/controlfuture

How to Create a Life By Design

Opportunity Webinar How to Create a Life By Design

All right so ya’ll have witnessed it. You saw me quit my corporate job & retire at 25. You saw me move to my dream city last year. Then you just saw me move to my DREAM apartment just a few weeks ago! {God is so good!}

Have you ever wondered HOW exactly I live my life by design?! How does someone my age have the time & financial freedom that most people who are in their 50′s are still searching for?!

I quit my 9-5 director level job that I had a MASTERS DEGREE for & followed my HEART! The absolute SCARIEST but BEST choices I have EVER made!! Please friends, don’t let fear cause you to settle for less than the life you deserve.

Tonight at 9pm EST my gorgeous biz partner Lauren Kilisky & I will be hosting a BRAND SPANKIN NEW LIVE webinar all about creating YOUR life by design & what we actually DO as coaches.

I want to invite YOU to come hang out & just listen! We don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do! But, we are here to help you if you’re ready. Maybe THIS is the change you have been waiting for! It doesn’t hurt to learn more right?!

We are also doing a LIVE giveaway for a Shakeology® prize pack!! So you DEF don’t want to miss it!! Mark your calendars!!

More deets & RSVP here: